Morris: Begelton returns to Calgary with unfinished business

Looking out the window of his home in Houston, Tx., Reggie Begelton saw a sunny, 26 C-degree day. He already had checked to see the temperature was hovering around 12 degrees in Calgary.

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Anyone not recognizing the threat this team poses in the post season is in for a rude awakening

Bombers fear him

Calgary’s fate rests squarely on the shoulders of #19 the D is good enough the special teams are good enough and there is talent across the board on offence
It’s up to Bo and if he stinks
It’s up to Dave to put the team before ego and pull him with enough time left to win

With a healthy Jorden and now Begelton, our entire offense is better, as is Bo Levi Mitchell. We have a top D, best ST and and a very good running game. This team is going to sneak under the radar and cause damage in the playoffs.