Morris: A Stampeders reunion in Toronto

Game day is always the best day of the week for Corey Mace so this week won’t be any different, even though the Toronto Argonauts’ defensive coordinator will be facing his old Calgary Stampeders teammates.

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The Argos 4-4 are at home versus the Stamps 5-3. in Week 11 action. Both teams are coming off tough losses. :thinking: The fact that Coach Dickenson is 8-1 against my hometown :anchor:'s cannot be ignored. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The Stamps are a much better team coming off a Loss. :exclamation:

P.S. May the best team win. :canada: :football:

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"There are 10 former Stampeder players now with Calgary," And probably some former Argos playing in Toronto as well.

Sorry but your statement is confusing ! You wrote"There are 10 former Stampeder players now with Calgary" Plus you wrote "And probably some former Argos playing in Toronto as well." How can they be FORMER ARGO PLAYERS if they are still in Toronto playing Football? How can there be FORMER Stampeder players now with Calgary? Stampeders are the Calgary Football team" The word "Former" I thought means "USED TO BE BEFORE NOW"
Now to straighten out what I think you mean
Calgary only has 4 players that have EVER played for Toronto
Only Shawn McEwen and Jonathan Zamora played for Tornoto ONLY before coming to Calgary. Shawn Lemon has played for 5 teams (including Calgary for 2 years) before Toronto returning to Stamps last year! Cameron Judge played for Argos (1 year) last year but came from Sask after 3 years.
You see, John Hufnagel does not often dip into free agency, but prefers to sign brand new players. Toronto on the other hand does just the opposite. Argos go after players who have made a name for themselves on other teams. I guess Argos hope that they can get talent rather than raw recruits that need training and development.

Sorry, I was quoting from the article. It said, and I quote, "there are 10 former Stampeder players now with Calgary", which as you correctly spotted, makes no sense at all, any more than it makes sense to say there are former Argos playing for Toronto.

I was trying to hint that a little proofreading would not hurt. These writers are not required to make stupid statements; they can avoid them.

Proofreading should be mandatory. Far too many silly mistakes in these articles.