Morrealle the end of his career?

he didnt play well. thoughts?

did he even play tonight

Please define: "Play well"

there's not a Ticat player I could use as an example !!!!

Maybe thats a reason he should have been on the field.

The hero's that are newer didn't get it done, Mike has a reputation of geting it done. Maybe we need to go back to "what works"..

Considering his death defying catch over the middle in the Winnipeg blowout, he should have been on the field in the second half last night.

Mike Morrealle is one of the great Players that should be playing every game even if it is only for a few plays. He always plays 100%. Mr Lancaster will you tell us why he is on the sidelines. I am sure I am not the only fan who would like to know. pat_cat

Morrealle may have lost a step but he's giving everything he has left. Why is Peterson sill on the field? When Maas was under pressure, I'd look downfield to see who was open. On most plays, Peterson would be trotting along in lockstep with a DB who had the inside position.

What a shame that Morreale has been limited to kickoffs. He's still money when it comes to going across the field and making the catch and then taking a big hit. He should be starting over Peterson. Another waste of talent is Ian Fleming who hasn't dressed. The Cats should release him so he could get a fair shot with another team. Maybe he and Morreale will get a look once this team is mathematically eliminated.

I was watching Morreale pretty close last night and he was the only receiver who was consistently open. Maybe the quarterback ought to be looking further upfield instead of across the field for open receivers. I hate those sideline passes that net next to nothing. Pass it 40 yards to net 3 yards - give us a break.
I did see two positives though. Pat Fleming came through finally with some decent punts and Sam Young showed some promise in taking over Tay Cody's spot before he too left with his own injury.
Just one more thought. When are we going to settle on a long snapper? I think it was cruel to bring in Donnelly in cold to snap on Boreham's field goal attempt when someone else has been long snapping well all night to Fleming. Let's get real here - that's taking specialization too far.

morreale is done, cut him, release him, give him a front office job, do whatever, just keep his 230 lb. butt off the roster, the guy looks heavier than tim cheatwood, and he’s supposed to play WR. morrealle was only on the team cuz he’s from hamilton, went to mcmaster and was married to hometown girl joanne malaar.

  1. He's not even close to 230.
  2. Hes supposed to play SB not WR
  3. You managed to spell Mike AND Joanne's name wrong in the same post.

Well done.

To playmaker88 Out of all the receivers, except for Vaughn and Flick, Morreale has proven himself. He is leaner than he has ever been and by the way, he is not married. I think you should get your facts straight before you put comments in writing.
Based on what our offence is doing, we should be seeing him more often on the field, not on the sidelines. Maybe you have a better idea as to how to improve our offensive woes.

Not only that but Mike and Joanne are no longer together if memory serves…

Im not claiming that Mike should be a starter out there, he is definitely nearing the end of his career, but frankly, he could be used periodically .... he may not have the speed that Peterson has, but he is definitely not nearly as lazy and useless as Peterson either. MIke wouldnt have dropped that one pass that hit Kamau on both hands !

It was only a few short years ago (2001) that the Hamilton fans booed Mike mercilessly down the QEW to Toronto. There were even a group of revellers wearing "Morrealle Sucks" t-shirts. By the time the Hamilton faithful were done with him, he couldn't catch a cold.

We did it to Anthony Calvillo, Don McPhereson and Damon Allen. Now, Peterson's the goat and Morealle is the second coming of Hal Patterson.

I would like to see Mike get a few more reps. But, we need a game plan that get's the ball to anybody downfield.

Mike is the best reciver we got on this team and I wish I had half the balls he does to go over the middle like that. Mike you are my hero!


  1. He's not even close to 230.
  2. Hes supposed to play SB not WR
  3. You managed to spell Mike AND Joanne's name wrong in the same post.

Well done.
Crash, do you have a "Man-Crush" on Mike? You seem obessed with him.

Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George has the "Man-Crush" on Tony (aka the Mimbo).

Mike Morreale can still contribute to the team! Crash is right (yes I’m aggreeing)…Mike is a Slot and should be used properly! That comes back to our “OC” ( or lack of one…lol )