Morrealle still looks good.

Finds those open spots in the middle.

Still a good enough possession receiver.

captainkirk did you go to mcmaster?

Morreale should be on the team next year because he catches two passes a game? (and none for touchdowns?)

Morreale should be on this team for what he does on the field and for his VETERAN leadership.

We can’t build a team with all “newbies” and expect great results. If we get off to a great start next year, you re-evaluate. Until then, I say he stays.

Keep Mike

He has had some great catches this year.

Keep in mind that his role has been as fifth receiver, doesn’t see much action. he’s not a starter.

Vaughn has caught one TD and that was the last meaningless game of the season, does that mean he’s no good?

Mike looked great. WE need him as a player and leader next year. Viva Morreale!

MIKE and HITCH should stay they were two of the very few players that played hard this year.

Mike had a good solid game.

MM may be many things but a leader he is not. The season just ended is definitive proof of that. How many people have said the team lacked leadership this season?--Desjardins, Lancaster, CBC/TSN panelists. Bring him back because he can still play spot duty as a depth guy but please don't expect leadership from him.

Same with Hitch regarding his purported leadership qualities and I don't think he can play well enough to stick. Hang 'em up son.

An Argo fan

Ahhh so that`s it !!!! NWO played for Western and got his ass kicked every time they played Mac !!!!

Maybe morrealle has a year left as a back up and specialteams cover player, but the future is now and hamiltons first pick in the draft should be ---R.Warburton - Saint Mary's 6 14 297 21.21 49.50 2 89 -- the next depietro? :cowboy:

What do those numbers mean?


I was at the Mac game on Saturday and I was very impressed by a reciver from Guelph named Mcoy . Good size , good hands and decent speed .

Also , I was listening to the Caledonia radio station on the way home from work tonight and Dejardins was saying that Hamilton has BOTH it`s first round picks still and he mentioned NOTHING about Montreal gettting one as compensation .

yah, and i hope him and hitch stay, next year we win the GC, or at least have a good season, and then they can both go out on a good note!!

OK Morrealle still looks good, ---- re:CaptainKirk wrote:
Massdestruction wrote:
R.Warburton - Saint Mary's 6 14 297 21.21 49.50 2 89

What do those numbers mean?


Morreale should stay. Great clutch pass receiver. Takes a while to develop that.

Keep morreale bring in some competition and let them compete for a job. habman i willing to bet that you never played football or any sport for that matter. yup your a couch potato whos only opinnion comes from newspaper clippings and your imagination of what it would be like to actually play the game. still your contributions are appreciated if anything they provide a good chuckle.