Boreham was never "bashed". Only his poor performance was criticized. DMAC on the other hand was subject to all kinds of personal abuse and speculation which called into question his honesty and character.
He was called lazy, apathetic and selfish.

Dont get me started on the DMAC/lancaster conspiracy.

i would hate to see him go but our talent is just to great to keep him around! but arn't we still looking for a recivers coach? :slight_smile:

Its not even worth it anymore Zontar, those who stood behind their keyboard and verbally assaulted the 2 will never step up and admit they were wrong.

Sorry i do not keep up with the forums everyday and have not responded yet. Mike has earned out respect in the community but I was speaking to his on field performance, I also apologize if my CHILDISH comment or signature has offended anyone but the fact remains he has not done great things for our club and we do not need a receiver who’s first and only tochdown catch of the year was in the last game. this is just my opinion.I now understand the rules, no post unless they praise the players…

Lets let the professional coaches come down with the final ruling on Mike M..., okay Box-F?

He might have waited all season for a TD catch, but thee was an OC, an O-Line, a QB and countless other obstacles, before you heap blame on a player...

This year, things are going to be very different!

lets not forget Mike wasn't a starter for a good portion of the year last year. and there was a reason for that as well.

He also dropped a few catchable passes that may have very well lead to TDs for him... he had his opportunities last year, though they were lessened due to his diminished role.

theres no right answer here until the coaches make their decisions so lets not lambaste posters who wish to forward there own opinions. shall we? (we dont want to turn into now do we?)

He also dropped a few catchable passes that may have very well lead to TDs for him... he had his opportunities last year, though they were lessened due to his diminished role.
I have to disagree with you on that. Mike's role was diminished because of the signing of Chris Brazzell. He finished with 58 catches for 624 yards which is around his career pace for yards and catches had he of played a whole season. Considering how little he was used I was quite impressed with the numbers he put up.

He didnt struggle and didnt drop easy catches, he simply was sat down for the future, and when we were out of the race it wasnt worth starting him every down at that point either.

Personally i thought he made the most of his limited oppritunities last season, and as a fan of his I had no problem with the way he played, and i’ll be the first to admit when he has a bad day.

I have never been a Morreale fan. However I’m not going to say that I hope he gets cut as much as I will say the same thing I said about Danny last year. If you can find me someone to take his place then go for it. In Morreale’s position I hink we have more than enough “talent” that is better than him. However, not one of them is proven. I believe that Morreale will make this team last year, play special teams and back up at SB. If the other receivers prove they can play then this will be his last stint in black and gold.

just my perception i suppose… and the radio for away games, they always seem to make any dropped pass sound like one that their grandmothers could have caught.

On the Brazzell note… still unsure why they decided to sit Morreale and play Brazzell at SB rather than play both, with Brazz at WR… meh.

Dunno but wonder what percentage of thrown balls Mike caught and hung on to in 2005..versus how many got tossed that were reasonably "uncatchable"...this might be a bit more direct in assessing the elusive "efficiency" quotient, even before we get into the Paopao plan before we regret the Baressi issues of last year.

Again, lets let the Coaching staff make the call so we can diss them instead of each other!