It appears Morreale's days may be numbered. With all the Canadian talent at receiver it maybe time to say good-bye.

Well a sad day when he says good-bye, a great player and seemingly nice person, but life goes on and players keep arriving out of university looking for positions.

It’s about time!!

Classy response Box-F. What does the 'F' stand for BTW? Let me guess, ok, I better not say.


Maybe he/she meant it was about time we had more Canadian talent at receiver? :wink:

If it is that time, Mike's more than earned our respect. Right Box-F?

Maybe it's NOT time to say goodbye just yet. He still has a lot to offer this team and the leadership he brings is needed in the face of all the changes we've made on offense. I agree we do have a lot of Canadian talent but there are still a number of those guys who are not ready to jump out and start for us. It's vets like Morreale who groom these guys to take over the position. I'm betting we haven't seen the last of him yet. I'm also hoping that's the case. Earl, did you really expect class here? Don't.

Why dont we wait until roster moves are made before we start saying goodbye to players. Morreale has alot to offer this team, lets not jump the gun just yet.

I know if this team makes the playoffs i would want him on my team.

Canadians win you championships.

True enough borehamgirl, he was just stating his opinion that his days are over as a player. Fair enough. Actually his sig “I want fancy tickets. Cut Morreale” I suppose is sort of what, cute you could say. :wink:

Actually his sig "I want fancy tickets. Cut Morreale" I suppose is sort of what, cute you could say.
personally i find it quite childish.

On second thought, you're right Crash, completely agree.

I could tell you what I think it is but it wouldn't pass the filters.

Mike has been great for this club and I hope he doesn't go anywhere. Yes there is alot of competion at camp this year. I hope we keep the local boy he is a great leader as I said and great for this team.

mikes bin great, i loved what he has done with this team, but he's candle doesnt burn forever, unfortunatley the same goes to hitchock, they were ticat great now lucky to be even second string, :}) im still proud of them n im happy with there accomplishment here in steel city

Now easy there BG, its about the time of year when we hear about the "old peoples club" and "the future is now" .. too many comments about "ive seen this guy a million times and it isnt going to change" ... "We need change now!"... "I wont go to another game as long as this guy is playing".

I think that got most of it... theres alot more if you look at the archived site.

Anyways, lets worry about who should be on this team once they actually make the cuts... theres alot of factors that we dont see watching camp, or more importantly, infront of our computers. :cowboy:

Well said Blitz. If you play one game as a professional your lucky, these guys have had their time and now it would be foolish to not look at younger faster players. We are proud of all of them but they will get ripped to shreds on this site if they come back.

I'm still waiting for the classic : "has he thought about coaching ? he could mentor the rookies ease in to retirement etc. etc. blah blah."

You know its coming.

Was it too much to hope that some people had smartened up over the off-season?? I don't think them getting "ripped" up on here would have ANY effect on their decision and even less on the decision of the coaching staff. It's all great to look at younger and faster guys but a coach would be a moron to cut all of their veteran leadership in favour of younger guys who have never played together. Go to camp and take a look at Hitch and Morreale before you decide it's time for the nursing home. They're keeping pace with the guys they're up against and until they can't I say they make the team.

Well I saw the interview with Mike tonight on the CH11 news and he sounded like he was saying he was ready to give this year his all. Coach Marshall also said, in so many words, that Mike still was an important part of this team.

I would think that Mike might consider hanging them up if it was a chore to go to practise or if he felt he couldn't compete. That is not the case and I think he wants another GC Ring!

Sounds good to me! :rockin:

Hate to say it BG but you had better get used to it. They wont admit they are wrong they say they just changed their minds or pretend they never said it.

Last season, the Cats performed poorly and players were criticized and ridiculed by some posters on the forums. In the off-season, the team SERIOUSLY upgraded the talent level on the team. Not a single preseason game has been played yet and players are ALREADY being ‘run off the team’ by some posters on this site.

How about giving the players and coaching staff some respect?

At least wait until the team has lost a game (or at least played one) before proclaiming which players have ‘lost it’ or ‘never had it’ or asserting that the coaching staff is inadequate if they keep this player or that. Now that last year’s favourite target of “fan? abuse is gone (DMAC), Morreale, Boreham and now even Hitchcock can expect to enjoy more of the “adulation? that seems to define some “fans?.

Very sad.

(I say all this realizing that many of the posters doing this are likely doing so only to provoke a reaction… Where this is the case, my assessment is the same. Very sad.)

[BOX-F's comment "It's about time!!" regarding Morreale and some of the Boreham-bashing on other threads are examples of the type of post to which I'm referring. If I misinterpreted the tone or intention of "It's about time", I apologize.]