Morreale..........time to call it quits

Pass the torch to Fleming! Too much upside to this woud be a shame to cut him just so we can have another team pick him up.....Good hands, has the height, decent speed and intelligent......oh ya and CANADIAN!!

:thup: let the next in line have a turn.

Mike is doing fine ..........

I was at the game and Morreale played good. I think its time for the Morreale bashers to call it quits.

Welcome to the site as i see this is your first post, are you related to Fleming?

PS. Fleming dropped two catchable balls toinight, hope the torch doesnt burn his hands!

As many can attest, I'm not a big Morreale fan. However, Fleming still has a way to go and remains unproven at this level. Morreale on the other hand, has done so and still shows signs that he is capable of doing so.

Dropped balls aside (Morreale has had more than his fair share), I still think there is room on this team for both of them.

Personally, I like both of them more than RALPH...who is not a good hands guy by any means.

morreale is a reliabe vet we need i thought the last few seasons he's made some clutch grabs and still feel he's start material

there is still no hurry with fleming he has the size and potential to learn with a guy like morreale around for another season

morreale is a reliabe vet we need i thought the last few seasons he's made some clutch grabs and still feel he's start material

there is still no hurry with fleming he has the size and potential to learn with a guy like morreale around for another season

#18 made a spectacular sideline catch from Eakin tonight.....Mike had incredible concentration on the ball even though he knew he was going to end up heading for the concrete wall (or dugout)....

It wouldn't surprise me at all to see Mike's name on the roster come Sunday....

Good Luck to Mike and all the Ticats who played tonight......sadly some won't be back after tomorrow but I can't think of even one that is a sure 'cut''s a great problem to have except at 'cut-down' time....

to be honest i dont like mike but he has had a really good camp and has played well his first 2 games. You might wanna wait for him to screw up a few times before we start cutting him up again.

it's hard watching a guy like mike who takes his lumps and many the catch across the middle getting criticized and then having to watch a talent like yeast not taking his and escape from the criticism he deserves

i guess wth danny mac gone the vutures gotta hunt out another one of our vets.
sorry but morreale will be on the roster take it to the bank

thats a joke right? I dont wanna start the whos better mike or craig but ya yeast get way more criticism than mike does and craigs usuaily isnt even true or dossnt make sence.

No comment on Craig, who was a star on our team with a decent QB, line and OC...

Note that tonight, "our RW" at QB tries to thread the pass to MM in coverage; if only because the players trust him...

And if they do, so do the coaches...

And if the players and coaches and management like him, and trust him, its a bit "tiring" to keep hearing from the whining weenies above, who couldn't catch a "cold" in an epidemic, much less type their own name correctly three times out of five, condemn MM who is a suberb athlete and "go-to" guy on this team for so many years...

My opinion only.

I have played football with Morreale this year him and his brother invited myself and my buddy mike who will be going the York Univ. this year cuz Mac wouldn't play him...long story. But anyway my buddy and I played touch football with Morreale and his brother this offseason and he seemed like a great guy. As for him of Flemming I would go with Morreale he still has the edge over Flemming on the field and in the locker room as a leader sure he dropps the ball once and awile but every good reciever drops balls and you just have to move on and shake it off as for Flemming he will be good when his time comes and that might be next year who knows well thats all I have to say.

If you like Ian Fleming why not make your thread about him?

You might get people who saw Ian doing some good things last night making positive comments to build your case for him to be retained.

Actually, Ian is not likely to be cut anyways, and Mike isn't going to quit.

Crash, You must have been seeing double after a few beers. Fleming had a great game. Had the first pass knocked away by a defender, but caught three more thrown to him. (Most by any receiver) BTW we're allowed to like both Morreale and Fleming, the old pro and the new guy.

Morreale can stay. I was at the first pre-season game when Morreale caught the ball in the endzone. Spectacular catch with triple coverage. If the Cats can keep an aging QB who couldn't run for four years too long then, they can certainly keep the likes of this man. :thup:

Another 1st post by someone, looks like another family member… i remember the whole Trevor Shaw fiasco.

For the record i like Fleming, but to suggest that he should play because Mike has to call it quits is crazy… Fleming should go out there and earn his spot on the roster. From the sounds of some in this thread its like they want him to make the team based on circumstance rather than talent.

Bingo! :thup:

everyone knows that i do not like morreale and would even go as far in the past as saying he "s_u_c_k_s", but he has looked alright so far this year. maybe he just needed some compitetion and the possibilty of losing his spot to get him motivated and turn up the heat.