Morreale on the Fan 590

As noted elsewhere Mike has a new gig with the CFLPA and he'll come on "The Bullpen" at some point between 10-noon to 'splain it to us.

Also from the CFL files, "Inside the (other Ontario team with the 2-1 record)" will likely feature Mike McMahon and Byron Parker.

Join former Ticat Adrion Smith and me at 9am eastern.

Fan 590 am


Channel 959 on Express Vu

hey mike can you start a campaign on the Fan, to get a new stadium and practice facility built in Hamilton. Also ask your bosses at rogers to get a weekly show on sportsnet.

I absolutely love Ivor Wynne Stadium. Along with Molson Stadium it's my favorite in the league. Then again, I don't have to use the visitor's locker room.

Um that would be no king. :slight_smile:

If you didn't catch the show with Morreale, he said he was quite happy with his new job at the CFLPA, but he fully expected to be playing for the Cats this season. His deal with the player's association gives him an 'out' should someone offer him a playing contract so his career may not be over quite yet.

An Argo-Cat fan

Thanks for the "heads up" on Mike's new position - I would have tuned in but when you shared that there would also be a feature on the Argos I kept my dial on AM640.

It takes "balls" to mention the Argos on this website in a positive vein ie. 2-1 record ...newsflash Mike, we despise the Double Blue in this town.

A layman's effort though Mike.

We may not appreciate Blue Team fans on this site - but Mike Hogan is an exception. He's a class guy who loves the CFL and supports our TiCats, this in spite of being the new "voice of the Argos"

Keep up the great work Mike - love those Football Fridays with Schultzy

:thup: :thup:

Hey Mike its kind of strange that we now get the FAN590 Toronto on Rogers cable in Ottawa!! what's going on? Like we need more Toronto sports news in Ottawa!!

By the way, glad Morreale didn't take the offer to run for the provincial Liberals, I have too many good memories of Morreale.

Have to Agree Mike is aGreat CFL Fan and Person.


Sorry you missed the show. I’m sure you got much more Ticat/CFL content on 640.