DOES MAAS HATE MORREALE?!?!?! I just came back from the game and almost got beat up by Argos fans because I kept screaming, "Throw the EXPLETIVE ball to MORREALE?" What did Morreale do? At least he wasn't covered by at least two Argos like the other receivers that Maas was trying to throw to. I am so p.o.'d!!!


Really Dose it Matter
Maas Could not hit the Broad side of Barn with His Injuries

He Over Threw KP Twice over is head
He Over Threw to Vaughn
He under Threw to DJ Flick...

He just can't get job done at This point.

I've been a big fan of Mike and remember too well when they were saying he was too old to play and should be cut (on this very website)...Shocked?? Me too :roll: That being the case, I feel the need to say how unbelievable his tackle inside the 5 after the INT was. Talk about never letting up. That was most assuredly a TD but Mike hauled ass and made the stop. Second best play of the game IMO.

Morreale's one reception was excellent!

I see DJ only caught one also and that was a beauty too if memory serves.

...both Mike and DJ were credited with a defensive tackle each last night...good stuff!