Morreale- Hang 'em up with pride

MM fan here but lets be honest. With the exception of a few good catches he has had his fun and should go out on a good note. Plus we need guys that are in it for the game, hes not anymore.... more the name and the girls :thup: I envy him.

if he wants to play let him. at least untill someone can beat him out. yet to be seen. and everyone plays for the girls. part of the game doesnt mean he doesnt care about football and playing at the best level he can.

Welcome to the site Snapper, but have you been watching any games at all?? How can you say he's not in it for the game?? He takes a hit better than any other guy on this team to make the catch. I've never seen him give up on a play. Say he's lost a step or almost anything else, but don't say his heart isn't in the game.

At this point MMs is playing football more for the right reasons than at probably any time in his career.

He sure wouldn't be playing for a CFL paycheck.

I think he is playing entirely for the enjoyment of the game.
Both for the sport of football and for his fans.

Keep going if you want to Mike!!

I hope he stays and wants to.

Who has made more tougher catches over the middle this year? No one.

Does he take dumb penalties? No.

Does he bad mouth coaches, team mates, or anyone for that matter? No.

As stated previously - until he gets beat out by someone better - please stay Mike.

I've been attending games for years to attract the ladies - without absolutely no success. And now I find out you actually have to be playing the game. I wish someone had told me before it was too late.

Ex-Pat, just bid on one of the helmets next year and make sure it is one with the smoked visor.
Wear it while attending games, and tell all the ladies how handsome you really are under that TiCat helmet.

blackandgold: For all you know, I could be very handsome, and it's my rotten personality that scares them away. That's something no helmet can fix.

No advice re the ladies, but as for Mike it looks to me like he can still play. His choice. My gut tells me he doesn't want to go out with a team like he played for this year. The promise of a better future will likely bring him back for one more kick at the can.

Like Hamilton has anyone besides him who would actually try and catch one in traffic .

Count me as one of the people who agrees with you. Well, I don't know about his playing just to get the girls, but I agree he should hang 'em up.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am getting really sick of hearing him apologize to us fans for the team's poor performance. And his on-field performance isn't doing anything to change the results.

Being a "leader" as many of the fans on this site label him then makes him accountable for the teams results. And as far as I can see, the team hasn't produced on the field for a long time. When you start winning some games, then you can afford to be sentimental and keep players around.

If he has an astute business sense, he would realize as a 35 year old Canadian slotback with an astounding 250 yards receiving this year, and a new coach coming to town in the off-season, it might be smart to quit while you are ahead.

  • paul

You cant make yards if they dont throw you the ball bud . Hes shown hes the only one who will go over the middle . You sure as hell dont see Brock Ralph going over thier do you ???

So you are saying you would rather the team start a 35 year old at slotback next season who has a penchant for fumbling over a lightning fast 26 year old, solely because in your opinion he is the only one that goes across the middle?

How about we get a coach that designs an offence that can get the ball to a slotback on the move instead of a stationary target. Then you will see the difference in skill level between say, Brock Ralph and Mike Morreale.

The question is about potential really. And I feel like Brock Ralph and Ian Fleming have the opportunity to add more to the team now and in the future then Mr. Morreale, because we all know what you are going to get with Mike. Roughly 500 yards receiving, a few costly fumbles, and a well spoken interview after yet another Ticat loss.

who said he would be a starter ? He`s only starting now because the others have shown to be incompetent .

Ian Fleming has shown nothing . You would think if he fit into their plans he would get in the lineup for the next game wouldnt you ??

Couldn't agree with you more. Morreale is on the downside of a long, productive career. This team as bad as it's been, can ill afford to carry players like that next season. I've never been a big supporter of Ralph (I think he's still living off his "rep" of having been to a NFL camp), but at least he has a potential upside.

An Argo fan

Who cares if morreale hangs them up or not. He will be bashed if he does and bashed if he doesnt. Getting tierd of hearing about this. The team would not be effected either way, plus hes getting old. Bring on some new fresh young blood and lets get hamilton in the game again... clearly I am refering to next year.
Lumsden is our golden ticket (plus nice to look at). We need more boys like him, not only for the team but for the lady fans....


Ahhhh, yes, the chick magnet factor. One should not over-look it. :slight_smile:

An Argo fan

There are WAY too many people coming to games just to meet girls (or boys!). How can there be so many underclad people just walking laps around the stadium, not even glancing at the field? Do they actually find dates at Ticats games? And can they PLEASE stop standing directly in front of my seats?

Now if we're talking dates, if there's a way to meet up with the actual PLAYERS, let me know... :wink:

One of the comments about this current team was that there were so many veterns lost last year that there were no real leaders left in the dressing room. Both MM & Hitch were relegated to the backup position at the beginning of the season and as verterns they probably weren't comfortable trying to come out as leaders over top of the newly minted starters.

I personally hope that MM does take one more kick at the can. He can still make the clutch catches when the ball is thrown to him. Invite him to training camp and let the cards fall where they may. We need some Vets with heart, not the heartless implants we got last off season.

Personally speaking if Maas' family will not follow him to Hamilton then its time to ship him back west or cut him lose. If we had Eakin and Williams playing all season then I think that we would have had at least 2-5 wins more. Still not great, but we would have at least been developing our own QB talent. Eakin was far more impressive last year but what we saw last Sunday was what a year of inaction can do to a QB. Yes he did play in one other game but compliments of PooPoo our entire O-scheme was in KAOS at the time. It takes more than 1 week of reps to get your timing down at full speed with the receivers.

BTW what were the traditions gifts this year ??? another poster ???