When we played Toronto in the preseason Morreale had a couple of great catches in each game and #87 DaVon Folkes showed great speed in the punt returns. Where are these guys now? I am getting gray hair watching Yeast catch the ball for a return and doing a little dance first. At least Folkes was running when he got the ball.

How many times have we seen Morreale catch the ball over the middle and pick up 10 yards.

ur kidding right.. fowlkes was embarassing,.. i dont even know why he got an invite back..

I thought Folkes was the best new kid in camp.
I hope he's on the practice roster.

Last time i heard, fowlkes was on the practice roster.

Fowlkes is on the practice roster.

back to morreale, why is he not playing,him and vaughn would make for a great combo. mike gets the job done