Morreale Back for another year....

Allow me to be the first to say Woohoo. :smiley:

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I am glad Mike will get Finish his career Black and Gold.

Welcome Home Mike

I will admit I am pleased as well to see some vetern presence kept on the team to help mold the many Newbies. A couple of more signings of long term Cats and ex-Cats might help in this new climate (who want back) would be a huge benefit.


Let me second that WooHoo, b-g. WOO HOOOO!

Now Mike won't have to explain the Tiger Cat tattoo on his arm
like he would have to if he had to go to another CFL team.

Like G.M. Marcel Desjardins said

“Mike always does what is asked of him
and has proven over his career
that he is a true professional,?

“His dependability, consistency,
and ability to make crucial plays

and locker room leadership
are all assets that will
continue to help our team.?

Good on ya' Cats!

I agree with this signing. hes a proven vet who is willing to accept a diminished roll (not like it) and still be a leader in the lockeroom.


Mike will bring some veteran stability to the locker room and more importantly, to the field.

Randy, I hope you meant "mould" as in to help shape the newcomers into a professional team; and not "mold" as in the green stuff that grows on your week-old bread... lol

We better sign a lot more additional receiving talent, because Morreale as a starter just isn't going to cut it in 2007.

lets all jus hope he doesnt fumble the ball after a 20 yard catch.. hes known to do that after a big gain

finally some good news.Way to go Mike,hopefully they will use you to your ability unlike last year....

Welcome back Mike!!! I still believe you have what it takes. It will be great seeing you in black and gold again this season!

Congrats to Mike and best wishes for 2007!

Oski Wee Wee,

Not very often, he’s not. He’s taken more punishment to get the yards we needed than anyone else I can think of.

Right on BG...heck, maybe a few of his critics would like to go over the middle for those 10 yard passes...

My box of Morreale Macaroni stays on my office shelf and out of the cook pot for another year!

It is great to see that Mike will finish his career in the Black and Gold.


I look forward to see more big catches over the middle. He's a tough receiver and fun to watch him sacrifice the body for the team.

(Just tuck it away after the catch, Mike :wink: )

I'll say this much for Mike - he doesn't have "Alligator arms" when it comes to receiving the ball when taking a hit is imminent, and also, he is an ambassador of the Hamilton Tiger Cats at team and/or league sanctioned events. Welcome back!

Mike Morreale is still playing with the energy of a rookie and the talent of a seasoned pro.

Welcome back, Mike!