Morreale and Hitch starting!

Good to see two pure ticats getting the start. I think we will see big things and big plays from these guys. They are the heart and soul of the cats. Ticats 28 and sask14.

a ticat win?...yea right!

lets just say, the tabbies shutdown the riders in the first half....then KJ will start the second half and destroy the cats.

so nomatter what...CATS LOSE AGAIN

I'm happy to see solid veteran players starting tonight as well.

I think the world of Hitchcock and Moreale.

I hope to see #81 Fleming, Iain SB ( N 6.03 203 1982-07-10 Queen's ) out there ,show us our future Ronny,come on.

Looks like a nice night for a game ,as I hear the rain will be finished or taking a break (seriously)....

Corey Holmes picture (1000)and IKEA lamps free (5000)....

We're going to win,our defence will lead the way and we discover our running game and #3 gets some passes(?)..
Chin up!

sorry , but according to the depth chart , Hitch is not starting.
Where did you read he is?