Moronic Scheduling

The CFL has done a decent job of avoiding direct conflicts with the NFL. As a fan of both leagues, I have enjoyed watching games without flipping back and forth all year. Of course, this has completely gone out the window in the playoffs.

It is Remembrance Day long weekend and there isn’t anything of interest on TV to me today. I would have loved to enjoy a double header today then NFL all day tomorrow. Instead, I am forced to endure conflicts tomorrow. Other fans have echoed the same thoughts to me. Why would the CFL line up its most important games of the year directly against the juggernaut known as the NFL?

Don’t watch the NFL. It’s a league of, by and for Americans. Case closed.

Grey Cup parade should have happened this week down Albert in Regina. Start this thing June 1 and end last Sunday in October already. Insane weather of Nov. is nothing but a turn off for the image of the league. This all IMO of course, but I’m not going to Mosaic in - 15 with wind tomorrow. If it was plus 10 no way I would miss it.

That idea also makes sense to me- does Randy take feedback on what the fans want or does he just do what he feels like?

2008 the CFL played all playoff games on Saturday, Grey Cup not included. Apparently it wasn’t successful as it was not allowed up the next season.

I’m happy to head to McMahon next Sunday, regardless of weather, regardless of what else might be happening.

I’m starting to wonder… Are CFL around here actually fans, or just NFL fans pretending to be CFL fans just to post here ?

The CFL tried playoffs games on Saturday and it didn’t work out too well, so they moved it back. Maybe the CFL, TSN, and some “fans” need to stop caring about what the NFL does, and be happy to be their own League. To be honest, I think the CFL needs to move away from TSN for the next tv contract, seems to me TSN had a lot of triple headers this year, and seem to treat the CFL as the red headed step child.

The Sunday head-to-heads with the NFL usually do pretty good for ratings, but I agree it would be nice to have those games on Saturdays instead. In addition to letting fans watch both leagues, it gives fans who attend a day to recover afterwards before going to work on Monday.

I assume it’s TSN who wants to keep the games on Sundays, though I’m not sure why.

The Loney Bowl, the Yates Cup, the Hardy Cup and the Dunsmore Cup.

Not sure why the hate on triple headers. We had a BBQ on labour day and it was a blast watching football all day.

Also, this notion of “true” CFL fans not caring about NFL because CFL is so much better is a dumb one. Both leagues have great things to offer football fans and fewer conflicts create more watching opportunities, as a general rule.

2008 was 10 years ago- it’s time to give Saturday playoffs games another chance IMO.

I never said one was so much better than the other, so I'm not sure what you're reading.
In your opinion because the current set up conflicts with your NFL viewing ?

I don’t like you use “fans” (in quotes). It insinuates that by critiquing anything the CFL does (especially going against the NFL) means you aren’t really a fan.

Why does anyone want to watch the NFL? How can you have an emotional and vested interest in a team unless you grew up with that team?

There are a whole array of reasons, one of them being that you cheer for a team since you were a kid and you want to see how they do (along with other teams around them in the standings).

Two, you regularly have CFL players going to the NFL and people still want to see them.

Three, there is a higher level of star power which can be fun to watch.

Four, you are in football pools (both NFL and CFL) with other fans/friends who now must also decide which league to watch if the games are on at the same time.

Five, you love watching pro football and more is better.


That's not what you said originally, but okay.

Wigwam thinking/ism, the NFL is so-real.

FWIW, a large chunk of CFL players and Personnel are American.

I’m sure people can miss a few unimportant nfl games while the cfl is in playoff mode, keep the cfl playoff games on Sunday. Why are they catering to the nfl. This is Canada. Canada first , nfl can wait till after the grey cup …Ambrose needs to talk to tsn about this;. How else will they re-instill the greatness of the cfl. Then the nfl games will be on till the end

Agreed. Although, Canadians do seem to love anything that comes out of the States. Quite sad when U.S Politics gets more coverage and eyeballs than our own. Not to mention that Canada is the only Country in the World where their TV viewing is made up in large part by foreign content.

NFL popularity precedes fantasy football.
You watch the NFL to see former CFL players ?? For this you watch it over the CFL ? That makes no sense.
NFL sucks

I agree the NFL should move it’s games to Saturday when the CFL playoffs are on so they don’t disrupt the NFL /CFL fans conflict .