Morning Practice June 6th

a lot of Kicking Done Today.
also and 8 and 8 Done Today
The Defence Coaches Where Working hard Fixing Mistakes

George Hudson Was back but was Being Used Sparingly
when we left he was Still on the Field Working with the Blocking Sled.

Again the Practices where will Paced.
As The Black and Gold Scrimage get Closer
I am looking for Full Pads During Workouts.


QB Timmy Chang # 7
WR Jo Joe Walker #77
Rob Hitchcock #42
Tay Cody #4

just curious Onknight, what did the Standouts do to standout?

Stands out

QB Timmy Chang # 7 :Very Good Pin Point passing
WR Jo Joe Walker #77: Routes where Run Well.
Rob Hitchcock #42 : Just around The Ball
Tay Cody #4 His Coverage and Was Intense

Sounds good to me…
So Onknight what do you think the season will bring.

6-10 Wins. 3rd Place.

6-10 ?? We have 18 games per season.

I think he means 6 to 10 wins.

That seems a bit high to me considering how many times we were blown out last year. If we were in every game then 10 wins would be realistic but not when you lost more than half your games by like 30 points and the number of times we barely reached 10 points.