Morning Practice June 5th

Morning Practice was Cut Short Today
there done by 11:00 AM
The Hoggies and Defence linemen left early around 10.
they Moved into Weight Room.

Morning Standouts During 8 on 8 Drills where:

Jo Jo Walker #77
Jason Maas #11
Timmy Chang #7
Corry Holmes #3


Dwight Anderson #20
Rob Hitchcock #42

OnKnight, it appears (from your training camp reposrts) that you think Maas will be #1 and Chang will be #2, but who do you think will be #3, and who will be put on the practice roster/cut (in your opinion).

That's a Tough one ..
I feel IMO it will be Butter at 3

I just don't see Shawn King staying to be on Practice Roster.
so It may be Ritchie By Default

Of Course things Change Daily at Camp.
Once the Real Bullets Start to fly Saterday .
The Black and Gold Game and Preseason Games
Will Tell the Story of 2007 Camp.

Things may Change with the Games done.
There Still alot Question to be Answered.
Come by and Watch when you have time.

There nothing like seeing for your Self.

I agree with your assessment. Thanks.

when ur there is thereanything that tells you, whos who, wearing what number and what not? like a paper they give u or anything?

Man it felt like October!
Timmy Chang sure can zing that ball on target :thup:

Yes They Give a White Flyer with the info on it.
It's great time come on out Cheer on the guys.

hey you think i would be able to see the game on this site.

Probably not -- I have no word that the game will be televised. That rarely if ever happens in the CFL preseason.

The online and American TV packages have yet to include those games to my knowledge.

There will likely be a link on site for the CHML radio broadcast of the game (pregame, game, and Fifth Quarter).

Oski Wee Wee,