Morning Practice June 11th Canceled.

Went to go to 8:30 AM Practice Today
Told it was Canceled..
would have nice to have Notice here before.

MONDAY, JUNE 11 Practice 8:30am - 11:30am Canceled
Practice 3:30pm - 6:30pm

TUESDAY, JUNE 12 Practice 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Times and dates subject to change without notice

Straight from the schedule itself, they cant be concerned with the fans when they make these decisions.

Yeah, I'm 0 for 2. Two wasted drives out to Mac. Yes, I'm disappointed, but I understand completely.

It is unlikely that the Coaches decide to cancel
a practice after they they wake in the morning.

It is more likely done the previous evening.

As a matter of fact, they did show concern
for fans who come to Training Camp one night

when we were notified on at 12:40 AM.
that the next morning's practice was cancelled.

I finally found time to attend a practice this morning only to find that it had been cancelled.
I was very disappointed but I think I understand why this may have occured.

Charlie Taaffe is not very happy so far with his quarterbacks and I'm guessing he may have drilled them very hard this morning in private.

I may be wrong about this, of course, but it would behoove this team to advise the fans via this site or through Rick Sanfren's CHML reports when they plan to cancel practices, even though they are under no obligation to do so.

This courtesy would make for better fan relations and enable folks to change their plans.

I certainly won't attempt to get to another practice.

Charlie Taaffe is not very happy so far with his quarterbacks and I'm guessing he may have drilled them very hard this morning in private.
I think you are very right about that.

Do the other guys get to sleep in?

lol. I highly doubt that, RFTT...

Especially given the underperformance of the offence on Saturday...

(RonfromTigerTown) Do the other guys get to sleep in?
Not too likely, Ron. A critical part of drilling quarterbacks is to have an offense and defense present at the same time.

I'm wondering if these guys are having difficulty with the new play book and require extra drilling in that area. Even if this was the case, the rest of the team wouldn't get any time off or opportunity to "sleep in", as Taaffe would work their tales off.

I was there this morning at 9:15 AM, sig.

I said that about guys sleeping in, sig, because,

in trying to think where a private practice could be held
with so much open space around the field the Tiger Cats use

a bizzare picture came into my head.

Our QBs were throwing passes through
the holes in car tires swinging on ropes

inside the Mc Master Athletic Complex
with Charlie cursing them relentlessly
whenever any of them missed their target.

But I came to my senses and concluded that
no practice was going on private or otherwise

There are other places to practice at McMaster other than Alumni Field, RFTT. I'm more than sure that they have access to the various gyms to keep them away from prying eyes...

(ronfromtigertown) I was there this morning at 9:15 AM.

No practice, private or otherwise, was going on.

I'm sure that this team was working somewhere.
Ron: are you familiar with the McMaster gym? I'm wondering if you slipped inside to see if they were in there.

They had to be "working" somewhere. I know they wouldn't squander valuable training time to take a day off.

Perhaps they were in lecture halls getting chalk talks, but don't kid yourself, they were busy.

Ha! I beat you by 6 minutes, rocky123! lol

We saw several players in street clothes at 9:15 AM, rocky123

I didn't conclude that there were no practices going on until

Onknight asked Craig Smith, 'What's happening with practices?'

He said their will ONE this afternoon and ONE tommorow afternoon.

EDIT The practice scheduled for Tuesday,
June 12 has been moved to 8:30 am.

They fly out to Winnipeg on Wednesday for Thursday's game.


I was having so much fun
making my previous post
so hilariously funny,

I re-edited it so many times that
I covered your questions about Mac.

A small suggestion (if there's anyone from the club reading).

Maybe someone from the club could start a Practice Schedule Changes post in the Announcements section, and then, if there are any more last-minute changes to the posted practice schedule, someone from the club could take two minutes and note them there. Fans considering attending would be told to look there the morning of, before heading out to practice.

I have the day off and was going to take my son this morning - I would have been mildly annoyed had I done that. I appreciate that this is a minor issue that affects very few, and obviously it's a non-issue for the football side, but the new regime usually does the little things right and my suggestion is very simple, costs nothing and might save a handful of fans some aggravation.


[url=] ... &nid=17057[/url]

"The change in scheduling, to one on field session per day, means Ticats can rest easy (and more often) and provides them with plenty of time to learn the remainder of their very comprehensive playbooks. Puskas, however, must remain hard at work treating injuries and making sure the players are thriving physically."

Sounds like it's more playbook oriented stuff now.

My football "partner in crime" (actually he's a former cop) tells me that there will be no more morning practices.
If this is so, would someone please verify.

Ron: Many of your posts are hilarious, and I don't mean this in a derogatory way. I admire your wit and the well researched information you post here.