Morley still a Jet

Looks like Steve's plan is working out perfectly. After being drafted first overall by the Stamps in the 2003 draft, he now is padding his bank account in preperation for a glorious return to the CFL and eventually his home city of Halifax when we get our 2012! Keep it up Steve!


-Former Teamate

he should get his butt back in the CFL, ASAP.

Who's Steve Morley?

A Calgary First round draft pick a couple of years ago. Played on the offensive line for Calgary then went to the Packers after his first year. After a year or so with the Packers he was traded to the Jets. He is a graduate of St. Marys Husky's


He’s not in my memory banks. Either I never heard of him, or I forgot him.

We can only hope Kanga!


for more reasons than one, I HATE THE NFL JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is an idea, how about the Jets become a CFL team, fold so that the CFL and get a shot in the arm in the talent department (not that we don't have it but the more the merrier I say) and the NFL can be free to put a new team in Los Angeles???

good idea to think about at least, to do, no.

I hope it has more to do with that loud guy in the stands or Chad Pennington than Steve that case, I hate the J-E-T-S too. In fact...screw the NFL