Morgan, Richardson, and Bush

All great players and they're all free agents for the Roughies. What do they do, do they re-sign them, Morgan had and interview earlier on and said that his heart is still here in Saskatchewan but most likely he will be heading to Edmonton or Calgary along with Bush. Richardson is young and looks like he has great potential, I want us to keep him but what are your opinions???

I know morgan and bush have recieved offers. They recieved them before the deadline of grey cup (as in signing bonuses that would not count under the cap). neither excepted. Hopefully though we keep one of them. Honestly could care less about Richardson but I definetly want Morgan back, as he is one of my faves

And seeing as though we don't have many good Corner Backs, and I guess we could do without Richardson, we already have now have about 11-12 reveivers with the 2 signings this morning.

I wish they would sign Omarr and Davin... Without them our defensive backfield will be less than amazing, imo.

Exactly. It is crucial that we resign them to remain dominant on the defensive side of the ball. If we aren't able to get them both, we better keep at least one of them or the secondary will be looking pretty thin. Apparently Richardson is looking at NFL offers so he might not be back anyways, and with the amount of talented receivers we have already it's not too bad imo if he isn't back next year (still wouldn't mind if he returned, but I would rather use that money to keep a defensive back).

I think resigning Omar Morgan is critical. Davin Bush as well. I hope Omar stays (if we can only afford to keep one). Omar is one of my favourites and seeing him in an Alberta uniform will be heart breaking.

Without Omar Morgan and/or Davin Bush, I think we're really pushing our luck. It is a known fact that the riders have the best run defence. This puts alot of pressure on our secondary, and we need guys like Omar and Davin to keep it up. Especially when Eddie Davis probably won't be around for more than 2 years. I think it's imperative to keep at least one of these quality guys minimum to remain defensively strong.

As far as Richardson goes, I don't really care. We have enough receivers already.

It wouldnt suprise me if Eddie retired if Omarr and Davin both left..

Thats just stupid jman. why on earth would eddie retire? you honestly think a man is gonna give up his livelyhood becuase two of his teammates left. That is horrible logic.

And dadog I am of the exact same opinion as you are.

Because we all know how close or DBs are… I dont think its a case of teammates… I think its more a case of friends…

doesn't matter at all how close they are. Davis will not retire if Morgan and Bush leave. Period


And just for the record i was predicting it... I was just saying that it wouldnt surprise me..

Here are the current DB's we have on our roster.

Atogwe, Imokhai
Cherniawski, Dustin
Clovis, Tristan
Davis, Eddie
Frazier, Lance
Gholar, Michael
Gordon, Scott
Johnson, James
Lucas, Sean
Nkeyasen, Kennedy

Right now it's looking pretty thin with most of these guys being pretty inexperienced. I would certainly sleep better knowing Bush and Morgan were returning for next season. With them we would be fairly stable in the secondary.

Perhaps there is a Canadian DB we can draft in the CFL draft or maybe we could take a look at Clifford Ivory, Richard Karikari, or Stanford Samuels if the price is right and it fits with the salary cap. I also read in this article that LaDouphyous McCalla is pondering a comeback after retiring in 2005.

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Tristan Clovis is a safety by the way, but if you add Morgan and Bush to that it does look really prommising.

He said defensive backs. Do you know what a defensive back is?? just in case you don't a safety is one

Sorry, I'm still trying to gert used to CFL rules, I'm just getting in to Football actually and I don't know all the diffrent positions yet, sorry.

I hear the coaches are really high on Atogwe. His younger brother is the startin free safety for the St Louis Rams.