Morgan Cut

He was a great player, but guess it was time.

Hate to see him go, he was a pillar on our D for years. Omar thanks for 10 yrs of being a Pro and a class act as a Rider during your entire career.

wow, i had not heard, but yeah, it was probably his time.

perhaps this helped pay Patrick's new contract.

I bet you're right on this one!!

I agree. Pretty sure Schivers (who was one of the better judges of talent in his prime IMO) once said the easiest positions to find imports is Running back and D.B. Patrick is an elite at his position and worth some investment while Omar was getting a little older and commanding to much salary. Save a bit on Morgans' replacement and give it to Patrick. seems logical to me.

Somewhat unceremonious, but such things happen when a new team of coaches start the building process. I wish him all the best in the future!