morgan and bush

it says the eskies are the likely destination for both guys...that kinda hard to believe that we can get both..anyone else agree i believe morgan will resign in sask

Who or what is this 'it' that knows?

the front page of the is has an article that says both players are likely heading here

Here’s what it says, word for word…

“The rebuilding Edmonton Eskimos are the most likely suitors for Morgan and Bush, but the Calgary Stampeders are apparently also interested in Morgan.”

“Suitors” means they’re interested and may provide an offer to them. While that in no way states that he’s “likely” heading there, I wouldn’t rule out a move for either (or both) players.

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Morgan stated though that he wants to stay in Saskatchewan so hopefully we can keep him. The article also says that Bush could return as well and received a very solid offer from the riders. Here is a bit of what Omar Morgan had to say:

"I know there's been some buzz out there about me going somewhere else, but my heart is still in Saskatchewan. I might just re-sign with Saskatchewan.''

"It's not about the money, though. I'm a loyal dude. I don't miss games, I don't miss practices. I've never played for anybody else and my loyalty is to Richie (Hall, Saskatchewan's defensive co-ordinator). Richie has helped me so much and I've been talking to him about everything. The Roughriders have made me a good offer, we just haven't been able to get something done yet, so I may as well wait a little longer.''

i hope us cats can snag them away from yeh :wink:

They'll be back. If Eric Tillman does not resign these two men, then I will be less than happy...

Bush might re-sign, but Morgan may be gone.. seems there is a lot of interest from other teams.

T.O. has cut Karikari before he even got the double blue uniform on... i guess they didn't like something about Mr. 78%....Morgan could be headed east.... :wink: :roll:

I hope the farthest East Omarr goes is East Regina..

in Football unlikely Hockey you can Sign a whole bunch of players and worry about the Cap when you get to Camp and just solve it by Cutting players until your at 4M(unless their due bonuses in which case you may cut them in advance)

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Goodbye Stanford Samuels, hello Davin Bush?

The first full day of CFL free agency was a wacky one for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, one in which the landscape seemed to change every five minutes.

The Bombers began yesterday believing they had re-signed Samuels, a cornerback who spent the last two seasons in Blue and Gold. But they ended it by agreeing to terms with Bush, a halfback who spent the last six seasons with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

"We have an agreement in principle with Winnipeg," Bush's agent, Paul Sheehy, told Sun Media last night. "... They put together the strongest offer and the most consistent offer."

Samuels, meanwhile, has apparently bolted for the Edmonton Eskimos, who were also in the running for Bush.

It was a roller-coaster ride of a day for Bombers GM Brendan Taman, who would not confirm last night that he had agreed to terms with Bush. He did reveal, however, that he thought he had Samuels back in Blue and Gold.

"I was led to believe we had a deal," Taman said.

But when he didn't receive a signed contract from Samuels, Taman figured something was up. So he turned his attention to Bush.

"Talks have drastically heated up in the last while, and things are progressing very quickly, but there's still some other teams involved," Taman said last night about Bush. "But it's looking good."

Bush, 29, didn't want to get too far ahead of himself last night, but he did not deny he had agreed to terms with the Bombers.

"It's talk, so it's not official to me," Bush said. "That's where I'm at right now. Official is when I sign my name."

The 5-foot-8, 165-pound Florida native did have kind things to say about the Winnipeg franchise, however.

"I'm not saying that I wouldn't love to play for Winnipeg," Bush said. "They have a great team over there, and they were probably a couple plays away from playing in the championship game last year."

Taman will never admit to agreeing to terms with a player, especially after last February, when Montreal Alouettes safety Richard Karikari agreed to terms but backed out and returned to the Als. Taman won't be happy until he sees Bush's signature on a contract, but the GM will gush about his talents.

"The poor guy is remembered probably for a game five or four years ago when Milt burned him," Taman said. "I think it was one of his first games in the league.

"... He's been a solid halfback in this league for a number of years."

...its just about a done deal with Daven Bush and the Bombers...but i.m sure it won't be confirmed until we have a 100 % contract signed...unlike Mr.78% of last years signing. :wink:

Tough to see anyone go, but I'd be more concerned if Morgan didn't re-sign.....

where does it say that karikari was cut by the argos. where did you hear this

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Fri Feb 16 2007

By Ed Tait
MONTREAL -- There is a trade pending, a bidding war for a veteran offensive lineman, and a couple of defensive backs ready to return by putting their names on new contracts.

So although the Winnipeg Blue Bombers cannonballed into the CFL free-agent pool a year ago, landing Barrin Simpson within hours of the market opening, this year they began the annual feeding frenzy for talent juggling a number of balls.

"It's hard to say where things will play out, because this is one of those days where you do as much as you can and then wait to see what might develop," Bombers GM Brendan Taman said Thursday night.

"We've got some things on the go, but it's hard to use the word 'close' when you get down to these things. It's: 'Here's what it is, guys...' and then we wait to see a signed contract. That's where we're at."

Taman continues to chat with the Calgary Stampeders on the trade we told you about Thursday that would bring Canadian offensive tackle Alexandre Gauthier to Winnipeg in exchange for Garrick Jones and a swap of draft picks.

It's expected that deal -- which would include names on the Bombers' negotiation list and see them send their first-round pick, third overall, to Calgary -- could be completed as early as today if the Stamps include their third-round selection as part of the transaction.
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Contrary to speculation, the deal will not include Stampeders receiver Jeremaine Copeland.

"I hope (the deal) still has legs," Taman said. "I'm still trying to keep it alive. We're continuing to talk, so that's a good thing. We don't have anything done and so we'll see where it goes.

"People keep asking me if I've traded Garrick Jones straight up for Gauthier... I'm not that good. You have to give up more than that for a Canadian starter."

Meanwhile, defensive back Anthony Malbrough confirmed Thursday night he has agreed to a new contract with the Bombers and faxed it back to the club. And Stanford Samuels may not be far behind him in agreeing to return, although the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are very interested in landing his talents.

As well, kicker Troy Westwood agreed to terms last weekend.

The Bombers' main goal in the next few weeks is to add another Canadian starter to give them more roster flexibility, whether it be landing Gauthier in the trade, signing O-lineman Andrew Greene -- also hotly pursued by the Toronto Argonauts -- or chasing defensive end Nautyn McKay-Loescher.

And depending on how the next few days play out, free-agent veteran guard/tackle Mike Abou-Mechrek may re-enter the picture, although the Bombers continue to say they expect to lose him to either the Ticats or Argos.

"(Abou-Mechrek) might be the wild card in all this," Taman said. "But I can't trade for Gauthier and then sign Andrew Greene and Mike. We began preparing for this (adding more Canadian help) about a month or so ago."
BLUE NOTES: Veteran Canadian defensive tackle Cam Legault will not be back in '07, as the club released him on Thursday... The Bombers have yet to announce it, but they have added UBC linebacker Brad Newman, who passed through last year's draft because of a recurring groin problem but had a solid '06 campaign for the T-Birds with 41 tackles, two sacks and one interception in seven games... Safety Richard Karikari, who spurned the Bombers in free agency last year, has been cut by the Argos. Winnipeg is no longer interested in his services.

...makes you wonder about the deal that sent Stokes to the Als....i guess Popp won that one....OR ....did he.... :roll: ???? :lol: :lol:

yeah but the argos were gonna cut Stokes anywayz i didnt think anybody won....they both lost haha...

Hmmmm there seems to be a pattern there Blue bombers and losing.