Morgan and Brown released

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Eskies will be showing a brand new line-up… again. :lol:

Marty York reports that Danny Machocia found some potential players during taping of "Dancing with the Stars." Machocia was quoted as saying "With footwork like that on the dance floor, I can make a football player out of them." :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

.....was dancin' Danny watching Gerry Rice...and thinking he could make a football player out of 'him', sport.....figures...Machoka does go to great lengths in his recruitement programme i've heard...wonder if we'll ever see him on the dance floor.... :roll: :lol: :rockin:

I have no idea what prompted this move.... I know we picked up Perry and Younger for our defense, and those are solid athletes... but according to an article on the frontpage we picked up a guy named Romano, whom i'm not familiar with, and at the same time, we traded Botterill, whom I figured would take Gass' spot on the D-line (does Perry play the same spot as Gass did?)

Its going to either be a very promising start for the Esks, or a quick slide again i'm afraid....

IIRC, Younger is secondary, but with Morgan gone, doesn't that still leave our secondary quite 'raw' still? I don't see why Brown deserved to be cut even before TC, I don't remember him taking any stupid penalties or getting particularly burned on big plays....

Kristjan, I would be very surprised if Danny Moranis had a clue about what he is doing. But the rest of us ain't complaining. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kristjan. Gass played MLB. Perry plays Rush End.

Thanks for the clarification, I was thinking that was the case. So, who the heck is our MLB then?

He certainly upgraded Toronto's running game giving them Ebell. The guy doesn't have alot of size, but he's got effort, heart, and he plays through injury whenever possible. But at least we got something for Ebell and Acree. Releasing Brown and Morgan was not a smart move on Maciocia's part, as usual IMO.

Not to take this off-topic, but I think Danny doesn't get more than 5 games max to take us over .500. Management has got to be checking the list of available peeps should it be necessary, at least one would hope so. I hear there's a guy named Higgins looking for a job, didn't he take Edmonton to a GC not too long ago? We've got the money, lets give Richie Hall over in Sask the HC job he's always wanted to try!