Moreno's play

Some argue Moreno has lost a step this season. Others say it was the system he was playing under. Still others say it was because he didn't have Armour at his side. I say it was because he had to try to deal with a weak defensive scheme brought in by Creehan and allowed to continue by Taaffe's refusal to step in and fix problems.
What do you think.

Another thread. Jeez.

It's probably a mix of A. and B.

Hopefully Creehan will be gonzo at the end of this season.

Moreno admitted himself that the new defensive scheme was not coming along as fast as he would have like.

A guy like Zeke is a great "free range" player like he was last year. We are playing way too much zone coverage this year and he has too much responsibility when it's run.

Zeke made a lot of tackles down field because every team finds the soft spot in the zone and they sit down and wait for a pass. It has nothing to do with Zeke covering people, it has to do with his responsibilities in the scheme.

I loved Zeke. Zeke was the man and a nice guy off the field. We can't let guys like this go for NOTHING! These are guys you build your team on the field around and marketing campaigns off the field around. The cats want nothing of both.

I don't see the long term vision for the move. Zeke was going to be here for another 5-6 years as a starter.

Why do we bring talent into the league, develop it and let it go on the cheap?

What do you think.
8) I think we already have enough threads on this same topic !! What's done is done, lets just get on with other things !!
All that is being said now on this topic is the same comments over and over again !!

Let's move ahead !!!

Not signing Armour was another bone header.

Agreed .. Now our Defence is Really Toothless

Ouch! A lions fan too. Its gonna be a long football season for you.

I believe it's actually none of the above. I think his stats have suffered because of the poor d-line. If our d-line doesn't keep the offensive line off the linebackers, how's Zeke going to make any plays?

I agree why we let Armour and Zeke go is beyond me. I guess I'm just a Doom and Gloomer. :frowning:

Just want to say as a Bomber fan, we think he's going to be a great addition to our front seven.