Moreno who?

Aw, poor BJ, Ticats get an unexpected win and you're all pouty 'cause something positive crept in. Tsk.

And, yes, there are holes in the defense, the same holes that were there with or without Moreno and that's the D-line. Calvillo had pretty much all the time he needed with not alot of heat. Most of the time with Moreno other QBS didnt need to set records becasue most of the time when Moreno was here they rushed the ball right down his throat-7 times over 100 hundered yards. Yesterday? 10 yards rushing.

Are you among the last diehards not to admit Moreno wasnt really all that vital? Time you did.
But don't worry lots of other things to be negative about.

I think holding the Larks to under 10 yards rushing is a pretty good measure of our linebacking...

hey zontey. dont forget, now you have a choice of websites. oh yea i guess it can get lonely over there.

moreno had lost a step, obviously he,s been easy to replace, and we got a firtsround pick for him, Great trade Obie :thup:

I think we have to cut the D a little slack. They stuck to the game plan and it worked. I think he have to keep in mind the time of possesion. We went into the game with little chance of running the ball and no back up rb to speak of. To think the Cats pulled of this huge upset says something about good preparation and making use of what tools you had at your disposal. Hopefully its a sign of better days ahead.

So what do you do when Canada says he’ll retire before he reports to hamilton?

If we force the completion of the deal, Canada announces his retirement and Hamilton gets zero and once the deal is signed it’s signed, done, and there’s not a way in hell to put that toothpaste back in the tube.

The Jury’s still out on whether or not Taman knew of Canada’s intent but Tom Canada IMO is a dink and I honestly hope he gets his ass beat out of camp next year the entire country forgets his name.

Whether Moreno would have returned here or not is irrelevent, asking him wasn’t an option the second both parties signed the deal.

not really related to thread , But i was waching that game, when Kerwin Bell Spiked that ball., LMAO i was trying to promote the CFL to my nfl freak Boss. then Kerwin did that .................. Thats the funniest thing ive ever seen happen at a CFL game. only thing that comes close is the ref who tripped over the 55 yd line on CNN :oops:

The full sized version is on you-tube now and is making the rounds on a lot of US based blogs, the only thing that could take the happy out of watching it is if Bell somehow ends up the next Numa-Numa or star wars kid.

Is the CFL becoming a league of stats? I thought baseball had that honour. The Cats ate them up with points all day long. How about this for a CFL record. Cats allowed most completions in a game and still won!
You don’t beat the leagues highest scoring team without a good Defence!

Not looking for nor suggesting any justification for the trade (and quite frankly I don't believe Obie is either).

Whether you or hate or like the trade, its done and in the past. IMHO Obie was legitimately trying to address a weakness via a trade. It didn't work out they way he intended but who knows - he and we might all quite like it down the road depending on what happens with the pick and what happens with Mace (if he comes this way).

The point behind my post was and is that Cam played a great game (he showed well in the BC as well - as much as anyone could in that debacle) and if he continues that way it will sure make it a lot easier for all of us to "move on" from the "trade".

Why would you run the ball when the dline isn't agressive, you complete 44 passes and your running back has 83 yards ! in receptions? Answer: They couldn't be bothered.

Who did the ticats get in the moreno trade again? oh yeah..........NOOOOOBODY. It makes no difference who is mlb on this team now when you discuss the moreno trade because nothing changes the fact that they didnt get value back for him. The replacements werent in the trade. Even if you find a good replacement for a player you do not give the player away, you manage assets. winnipeg went from giving away a star de to getting him for nothing. They had no middle linebacker and were stuck and obie buckled. It cant be defended. The defence gave up a record yesterday, they never gave it up when zeke was here as someone mentioned that they did. It didnt happen all the time when zeke was here, it never happened when zeke was here. It never happened in the history of the league until yesterday and calvillo shredded them. They won the game but not everyone played great. The pass defence, particularly short pass defence sucked worse than any in the history of the league. The win might cover that up to some fans but to anyone who knows football......this defence has huge problems still and some can see it and admit it while the rest make grey cup reservations. You can win a game despite playing really bad in some areas.

You can characterize any trade for a draft pick as a bad trade when you ignore the value of the drafted player, which -- inconveniently for those of us who like to debate these things -- cannot be determined immediately.

We got nothing THIS year. But we will get something next year. Many of us believe it was a bad idea to trade Zeke if we couldn't get back a player who would make an immediate impact. Many people are against the trade because of suspicions about whether Winnipeg was above board. But the real value we get in return for Zeke won't be known for a long time. Maybe we'll draft a future hall-of-famer with the pick we got from the Bombers. Maybe we'll draft a player who becomes terminally ill during the season. There's risk involved in any player personnel decision. I think it's too early to judge the overall outcome of the Moreno trade.

[quote="safetyblitz...the real overall value of the Zeke trade won't be known for a long time. Maybe we'll draft a future hall-of-famer with the pick we got from the Bombers. Maybe we'll draft a player who becomes terminally ill during the season. There's risk involved in any player personnel decision. I think it's too early to judge the overall outcome of the Moreno trade.
Exactly right, safetyblitz

Any assessments made now of who won the trade can only be described as shortsighted.

it may be a great deal, it may be a crap deal.

Only time will tell.

Correct me if I'm wrong but If Hamilton got NOOOOOOOBODY in the Moreno trade that would mean they got nothing in return.

But that is not the case, They got the rights to a canadian D-lineman (which is a need) and a first round draft pick.

This trade can't be evaluated until at a minimum we make the draft pick.

Zeke was a good linebacker but his strong suit wasn't pass coverage. Wasn't he playing when Buck Pierce almot set a record for completion percentage in a game? Wasn't Zeke playing Midddle linebacker when AC torched Hamilton in the first game of the season?

It must suck to live life with such a negative outlook on everything.

The Cats just played a very entertaing game and won. Even you can't kill this buzz.

Go Cats!

I didn't think Siskowic looked very good in pre-season. (at linebacker anyway... I vaguely recall him making a couple of nice special teams tackles.)

I also thought Jykine Bradley looked horrible in pre-season a couple of years ago when he first arrived. Couldn't believe they kept him then.

I'm glad that more than pre-season performance goes into evaluating players.

Its not a thread about who won the game, its a thread saying the cats dont miss moreno. Is it okay to say they do? … ok, sorry, the ticat pass defence DIDNT GIVE UP A RECORD NUMBER OF COMPLETIONS. Is that more realistic? This is not that other site, people on here are objective. Someone said they dont miss moreno…I said “I DONT KNOW”, THEY GAVE UP A RECORD AMOUNT OF COMPLETIONS TODAY AND CALVILLO TORCHED THEM. Are you going to deny that? Am I allowed to say that? I didnt start the thread, I just replied to it and all I have to say about the moreno trade is they didnt get value back. Sure zeke was playing in those games you mentioned, is the pass defence better now? NO. Can we discus it? is it okay with you? i give credit when its due and the offence deserved it but yesterday more than any of the other games showed how they DO miss moreno as they let montreal walk up and down the field all day with short passes and a completion record. You can say it happened when zeke was here too but like I said and its true…IT DIDNT HAPPEN WHEN ZEKE WAS HERE. They won, but the defence has a long way to go.

[quote author="CaptainKirk"]

Exactly right, safetyblitz

Any assessments made now of who won the trade can only be described as shortsighted.

it may be a great deal, it may be a crap deal.

Only time will tell.

You shouldnt have to gamble when you trade a guy like moreno capt. that is my point. You have to be sure you get something back for him and hoping for a draft pick or an nfl cut isnt good enough. If you cant get a quality starter for moreno its not a good deal. I know that down the line anything can happen and the pick and the bill might turn out good, but that is a chance and trading moreno should get you more than hope and a chance.

I"m with BJ on this.

It's not so much the trade, as we won't know for some time the value of the trade.

BUT...the timing was horrible. We announce we're in a playoff battle and then trade our best defensive player, leader and tackler to a divisional rival, mired in a last place tie with us???

The team misses Moreno. But for some crafty ratio juggling we could have had three American LB's this season. Imagine The Hulk there with Moreno and Knowlton. Better still...Armour?

The title of this thread may lead some to believe the Moreno is not missed. That is false.

Where’s the clapping emoticon when you need it??

Well said. What some people fail to realize is that it’s not about a favourite player being gone because some of us learned that with a revolving door like we have it’s silly to get attached to any player. What it really is about is failing to get something of value right now for a guy like Zeke. There is no way that a decent GM couldn’t have gotten something more. If he couldn’t he should have nixed the deal. If Berry is stupid enough to show someone his playbook before a trade is finalized then he should suffer the consequences.