Moreno - Simpson - Charlton

Depth can be costly, considering -2 draft picks to Hamilton. However, is there excess in linebackers looking ahead. Yes. Now, all we have are a bunch of injured LBs no good to us. Of all the LB's we have, we're heading deep into the woods, but if we're getting back out alive is simply too hard to answer.

This week has been crazier than last.

All thanks to Brendan Taman. I mean, Tom Canada has been easily one of my favorite players over the years, as was Charles Roberts.

BTW - what the title illustrates are my picks for starting LB's.

Hall - Moreno - Simpson - Lobendahn

in a 3 - 4 defense, after Marshall is fired in the offseason and Stubler is hired. :wink:

well big i gotta disagree. i personally don;t think the big blue were going to resign simpson after the fact that lobendahn has been playing so well in his abscence and even pierre-luc labbe looked pretty good in the second half of the banjo bowl. so simpsin is oing to be the odd man out. and lobendahn - moreno - charlton will cover the lb corps. maybe cam hall. antything but neil mckinley.

No - no I respect your opinion. But you see how uncertain things are, it's insane right now.

I would think if anyone would understand how much a good linebacker group can control a game it would be Bomber fans. Seems they've been pumping them out like a factory for years. I will take a powerful LB over a great DE almost every time.

It's hard not to agree with you. You build an offense around an OL, on defense you build around not one - but 3/4 solid LB's.

It's no secret our LB philosophy are fast/furious players. They must have speed to burn. I've always agreed with that.

^oh man, i'm now getting flashbacks at just how good our LBs were playing in the post-season last year.

^And I've always been a big fan of Ike.

Okay, so now that we're talking some serious football here, (I love LB talk). . . I love what Lobendahn has had to do this year. However, I still think he's got a lot of work to do, especially in identifying critical passing situations. That being said, I give the nod to Cam Hall.

So my revamped LB'ing core would look like this:

Hall - Moreno - Charlton.

Lobendahn is a great depth player, but I don't care about his size, I want speed and agility with the smarts to cover plays.

But you have to say it - this group heading into next year is not bad.

the pierre-luc labbe is the way to go. I am ok with cam hall, but not a big fan. i like lobendahn cuz he is sound mentally with his ability to read the backfield although i agree he needs to work more on passing reads.

i liked labbe. he looked pretty sound covering the second half of the banjo bowl, he is smaller then labendahn and i think he has more speed.

It's a good problem to have - no? What does this really say about Taman though? I mean - now that Moreno is a Bomber, a pivotal asset on this team is now solidified. Are we for or against Taman - seeing how intrusive (for lack of a better term) handling of Roberts - and now - Canada was for this team.

Bigco. Do you like going to the circus ?

True that. Things could be worse, as you can imagine, we could've hired Don Matthews.

…i don’t see Stubler coming to the Peg…UNLESS he’s really po’d with the Argos…and Marshal gets the gig in the hammer… :wink: :roll:

big what would be wrong if had signed the winningest coach in CFL history?

I think you are making a statement regarding your own opinion in favor of Matthews. However, my point was that don is an old goat. Simply discriminating.

Hall - Moreno - Lobendahn

Simpson and Charlton won't be hear next year. Barrin's too old and Charlton talks more about playing well than playing well.

The Don may be an old goat. But he is the Winningest old goat in the CFL. Look for another Bomber loss. Bigco do you like sheep ?? We don't have any goats, just plenty of sheep in Bomberland.

lol yes he is an old goat. big but old goats got alot of experience, a full hand of rings is better then berry by 5.

I agreetop hat i didn;t think simpson would be back next year even more so after the injury. and now watching lobendahn and labbe step up we got some good up and comers that will take over for ike.

so next year will be to me Hall-Moreno-Labbe. and i say Labbe over lobendahn due to the fact lobendahn is the bigger guy and Labbe wins the speed battle for the outside job.

I think a 4 backer set with Hall-Moreno-Lobendahn-Labbe would look sweet as well depending on off season working with the d-line