Moreno on the Bullpen

I just heard that Zeke (the Argo
) is going to be on the Bullpen this hour (after 11 am).

Why didn't we go after's going to be embarassing again :x :thdn:
We lost Zeke last year :frowning: Are we going to go thru another season of missed opportunities? :frowning:

Surely we could have found someone on our roster to feign internal injury after Moreno hit the ground at Munro International. Oh, wait, Winnipeg wouldn't have fallen for it, already having that one in their in their GM playbook.

Maybe we didn't have a strong NI lineman we wanted to offer in trade like Argos did. Maybe we did but Bombers didn't want him. Who knows?

What missed opportunities? The opportunity to get him again? I don't mind missing the opportunity to get him again if doing so would have meant giving up someone we need more.

Yes we did lose him last year, and a lousy excuse for a trade too. But that was then.

I'm sick of worrying about "missed opportunities" to re-sign, or get back, former players. They're gone. I'd much rather spend my time looking forward to the good things our current and new players will do in the upcoming season.