moreno moving again... to the Argos?

todays winnipeg free press

They (winnipeg) also are rumoured to have another significant iron in the fire that may see Zeke Moreno on the move to free up the logjam of talent at middle linebacker. The B.C. Lions, Toronto Argonauts and Saskatchewan Roughriders are said to be interested in Moreno, who joined the Bombers via trade last year when both Barrin Simpson and Joe Lobendahn were injured. The Lions are believed to be shopping veteran Kelly Bates and the Bombers are believed to be inquiring about O-lineman John Hameister-Ries, a first-round pick of the Lions in '06. :o

Anybody but the blue team.

The smart money suggests either B.C. or Regina.

I don't think he will savour playing for Ed O'Neill again.

Very good point. I could see him ending up with the Green Riders.

Maybe Moreno is not the great middle linebacker that certain forum members believe he is.

Or maybe WPG needs some help and other areas and the teams in question are only interested in Moreno. Ever think of that?? :twisted:

The fact that three teams are interested in his services seems to betray this sentiment.

With Glatt and McKenzie in BC, I would think the Riders (without Lloyd or McKenzie) and TO (O'Shea going, no understudy, and despite O'Neil) would be the frontrunners.

Maybe he has the most trade value out of their talented middle linebackers? Almost half the teams in the league are looking at him. That means people other than "certain forum members" believe he is a great linebacker. I wasn't going to bring it up again but since we're on the subject, who's playing the middle for us this year? A two time CFL all star? A league leading tackler? Oh, that's right, nobody. Another merry-go-round.

Hey, since they're moving him there is no reason we can't bring him back here. NO, pride and egos will make sure he never plays here again.

And people say that the "pro-Zeke" posters are the ones who won't let this go. :roll:


Is it possible Moreno's outburst at O'neill was done in the heat of the moment?

Seeing Obie is looking for a middle LB, maybe they will give Moreno back to the Cats for a draft pick. :lol:

I can see Moreno being the odd man out in Winnipeg. Simpson is by far the best LB there IMO. I can see
Kelly going with Charlton, Simpson and Shabazz as his top three with Lobendahn in the rotation.

Zeke and Destroy is a pretty good MLB and would sure be an improvement over the Mike O'Shea of 2008. But as someone has said "would he want to play for Ed O'Neill again". Can't see him in BC, they have Mckenzie, Glatt and Pottinger. Edmonton is set with Mo Lloyd. Calgary likes Saleem Rasheed. Montreal has Reggie Hunt. Saskatchewan have been touting Renauld Williams as Lloyd's replacement, but they might be interested, at the right price. Hamilton again? that would be interesting. Its not like they are All-Canadian at the middle linebacker position.
We'll have to see what kind of a horse trader Mike Kelly is in this case. He's done pretty good IMO with the deals that have brought in James Johnson, Siddeeq Shabazz and Brock Ralph.

Green riders seem to a great fit since theyve lost alot of talent at lb

....Bombers have signed Luke Fritz....canuck o lineman...late of the Als.....I don't see us doing a deal for Bates out of Van. now for Moreno....however Wally likes the looks of Zeke,,(who doesn't) maybe he's willing to part with someone else...If we weren't so top heavy in the position , i wouldn't want to see Moreno go anywhere....Sask. has taken a big hit on the d because of free agency....they could be interested....NO-WAY does he go to T.O. so he can come back and haunt us..besides the Argos and Rita are no friends of ours in the trade tough luck Arenogoods....It'll be a cold day in hell before Moreno ever plays there....except to kick their Arse.. :wink:

8) NO

Agreed he'd be an improvement over the OShea of 2008. However, he isn't as good as OShea has been over most of his career. He's good but over-rated. The Argos need someone better for MLB.

An Argo-Cat fan

Nothing better than being able to disagree with BF lol...

I don't thnk it's a fair comparison to make. O'Shea played for about 50 years and we haven't seen nearly enough of Zeke and he hasn't been surrounded by nearly enough talent to be able to make that comparison fair.

Zeke Moreno is headed to Toronto.By Arash Madani

TORONTO -- The Toronto Argonauts have acquired Winnipeg Blue Bombers linebacker Zeke Moreno, a division all-star in 2007 and 2008, who was the CFL's leading tackler in each of the last two seasons, sources told Sportsnet Wednesday evening.

The Argonauts traded four-year veteran Riall Johnson, a non-import defensive lineman, to the Blue Bombers in exchange for Moreno. Toronto also receives a conditional draft pick, believed to be for 2009, in the deal.

Moreno, 30, was terrific as a CFL rookie with Hamilton in 2007. The USC product had 114 defensive tackles (a team record) and started each of the team's 18 games. He was the Tiger-Cats' nominee for top overall and defensive player that season. Traded to Winnipeg in September of last year, Moreno added three sacks to his 97 tackles.

The Argonauts are in need of a presence at linebacker with the expected retirement of Mike O'Shea and release of Michael Fletcher. Canadian Aaron Wagner was traded to Saskatchewan earlier this week.

Ed O'Neil, the new linebackers coach in Toronto, was the defensive coordinator in Hamilton in 2007 and is said to have given Argos management an endorsement for Moreno.

Moreno's days were numbered in Winnipeg when the Blue Bombers extended Barrin Simpson last month. The club has yet to announce that outside linebacker Ike Charlton has re-signed with the team, as first reported by Sportset. With the younger, and cheaper, Joe Lobendahn also locked up in the middle of Winnipeg's defence , Moreno was deemed expendable.

Johnson replaces Kai Ellis (traded to Edmonton) and Tom Canada (released) on the edge of Winnipeg's pass rush. His signing suggests that veteran defensive lineman Jon Oosterhuis will not return to the Blue Bombers next season. The Bombers have Canadian depth on the line, having already signed non-import Shawn Mayne and are soon expected to announce that 2007 draft pick Don Oramasionwu will be in the fold.

The Blue Bombers and Argonauts have been busy with signings and trades since free agency began Feb. 16. The Argonauts already secured two of the top three offensive linemen on the open market when their signed both Dominic Picard and Rob Murphy earlier this week.

I'm afraid that Moreno will be going to the blue team. That is what Sportsnet is reporting as you can see if you click here.

It says in the article that Riall Johnson was traded to acquire him, and the blue team also gets a conditional draft pick.

Interesting quote from the article:

Ed O'Neil, the new linebackers coach in Toronto, was the defensive coordinator in Hamilton in 2007 and is said to have given Argos management an endorsement for Moreno.
And that was despite the outburst at O'Neil.

Anyway, I thought seeing Moreno playing for a team other than the Ticats was hard enough. Looks like they have their replacement for O'Shame. And a very good one. I think you should be quite pleased with this, BF1.

Who got the better deal when trading Moreno? Winnipeg or Hamilton?

If Mace comes this season, I'd say Hamilton did. I am pretty sure Mace will be coming as typically teams do not keep someone on their PR list for more than 2 years and 2 years is up. Plus, he's not on their depth chart and they have 4 starters on their IR list. The only problem is I could see Mace going to camp with the Bills but not any longer.

Also, what is with Moreno getting dumped again?