Moreno mic'd up

Anybody else catch the dialogue between Moreno and the defensive coach on the sidelines? Apparently the defense on at least two occasions were left to flounder on the field while no defensive play was called in. That is a bunch of b.s. No wonder the defense looks lost on alot of plays. Just goes to my theory of shoddy coaching this year. And while we are at it, how is it the coach(s) choose the order of qb's and it turns out the third stringer looks better than one and two? Heck even the one they let go looked better today than any of qb's we own. Taffe has also made alot of bonehead decisions all year like lovin to throw the video review flag when even i know it is not reviewable. I'm just venting because of another game that coulda been.

A guy on the FAN590 postgame show heard the unedited raw feed from Moreno who was asking for defensive plays to be called because they were running around out there. Lousy coaching continues to plague the team.

An Argo-Cat fan

Seriously if something is not done about the def coach then something is wrong. Poor defense, i take back alot of what i was thinkin bout them

Not only that, but did you see the look on the DC's face after the CBC showed and commented on the Moreno words?

The DC looked lost and helpless as the CBC commentators were mentioning his total lack of CFL experience.

hes tossd after this season or now i bet.

Taffe didn’t coach the game with any urgency at all, left Chang in way too long and once Williams moved the team he was content to burn up the clock with lots ofrunning plays. And yeah, while Maas and Chang are battling it out poorly the first half of the year, it looks like best QB was 3rd string. What about talent evaluation?

Hmmm. Moreno or O'Neil? Not a difficult choice for me...

What gives me the sense that the new breed of fan
has a Microwave Mentality and a knife in their sock?

Ron: How are we supposed to reply to this comment?
Please elaborate...and answer your own question for us about what it is that gives you this "sense". Thanks.

For the most part the D backs look lost out there. They have made many changes to personel but the results are the same. I say it comes down to the D coach. A change for the better must be made.

In addition to the O-Line looking better, the entire D looked better in the second than in the first. I'd say that just the act of communicating actually builds a team.

Imagine that!

0line looked better because we actually went to the run. if an offensive line is struggling you fire them up by pounding the ball and do it until you establish the line of scrimmage.
i question our ofensive philosphy why it took so long.

Well, the experimentation has been extensive, granted.

This is the big disappointment today: how can one expect a safety playing his fourth (?) start (Cody) to make adjustments to align players correctly when NO PLAY is in. This is not sandlot.

With communication problems like that from coordinator to MLB and rover, how the hell does one expect the secondary to play well? Can't be done. If you can't get a pass rush and you are forced to play man coverage because your D-coordinator is pulling a Helen Keller, you're toast. Burnt. Both sides.

Oski Wee Wee,

Maybe, just maybe, Coach Taaffe will see the CBC game film and ask himself the same question…because we need both an OC and a DC who’s bames isn’t “Cinders”

Even Helen Keller could do better, until October, when they made her wear mittens…


and so on…would get Hezbollah parade forehead gash nasty, I’m sure, but at least A PLAY WOULD GET IN ON TIME!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

OK Charlie :

    The whole country saw O'Neill standing like  " a deer in the headlights " when Moreno was asking for some direction for the D team.

     You can't deny this or sweep this under the carpet. 
      He is incompitent.
     Do you job and get rid of O'Neill .   
      Take over the D yourself if you have to

Dave Easley has experience as of D cordinator.
He has been around the CFL for quite a while and he's certainly has the special teams coverage playing better than I've seen in years. He basically knows the personnel and he's already on staff.

Every think Richie just had a really good game?
he wasn't that smooth on Monday

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Taaffe needs to step in on this one... that type of breakdown cannot happen on a pro football team.