Moreno for Johnson?

Well according to The Bombers are going to be sending Zeke Moreno to the Toronto Agros, for Riall Johnson. Not to sure what to think of this one. Johnson will help fill the void we have at defensive end thats forsure. But im not sure it wont leave a bigger void at MLB. This trade to me says one thing. Kelly and the rest of the staff have full confidence that Mr. Lobendahn is going to step in as starting MLB this season. I beleive he will do a great job there. But not sure if that will be this season. But now are Linebacking core is not so overcrowded, so that is one positive. If Mr. Johnson can come here and play like he did back in 07' for the Argos, this deal may not be so bad. I just think this may be a rash move, that is all.

The funny part is Kelly giving up a pick in the trade. I've come to the conclusion that whatever Kelly says , he will do the exact opposite :lol:

Don't forget that Johnson is a non-import...that may be the most important part of the trade...

Myself, I love this trade...

While I liked Kelly's first two trades, not so sure about this one. Now yes, with Simpson, Lobendahn, and Moreno, you knew one of them would be traded, you can't play 3 MLBs in a game.........and getting a non-import for an import is usually good trading......and you do need a DE with Canada and Ellis gone.......but Johnson has never particularly impressed me. Player for player, Argos got the better man; plus a draft pick.

Player for player, yes. However, it's the other things Johnson's birth certificate provides that has me happy with this trade...

...I agree MadJack, i'm a little skeptical on this one.....On the point of 'raw talent'....Riall Johnson is a very good non-import defensive end...that'll give the Bombers a little more breathing space and options....BUT i don't like giving up a draft pic in the deal....a straight-up , one for one, ,would have been acceptable.....In any event the fans are going to need a programme to identify the BigBlue in 09 ...things are changing very rapidly... :wink:

This is huge for the Bombers, we can now start another import at safety, or receiver, or the combo of Reid & Smith in the backfield. An absolute mega move by Kelly.

....oh ...i;m i going to love to watch POP CAN JOE and FREDDIE REID in the backfield together....The other eastern teams are probably starting to squirm a little, after realizing that, thunder and lightning, could once again roam the CFL....... :lol: :thup: :rockin:

It's and easy trade to make and a good one. First Simpson and Lobadahn are just as good as Moreno . The Bombers shed a huge salary and picked up a much needed starting Canadian. If you know football, then you know this is a good trade.

Riall Johnson is a very good football player. He should do well as a DE on a 4 man front. I thought if Winnipeg was going to trade a MLB, it would have been The Minsiter of Defense due to his age.

Believe it or not Moreno is only a few month younger than Simpson so theres not much difference in age and IMO Simpson 10x the LB.

Only thing that I don't like is Johnson has stated he's rather retire than report to Camp for WPG, don't know the specifics but what happens if thats true did we just give away a Pick and Moreno for nothing or would there have to be compensation or something.

…Who’s the source for your info. on Rial Johnson…I haven’t heard that he wouldn’t report…If he doesn’t show up at t.c. his career will probably be at an end…so retirement would be his next step…Compensation would probably be handed out by the league IF what your saying is fact… :roll:

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Something about facebook weather that was himself or an imposter (sp) is another story

Thanks for correcting me re age difference between Simpson & Moreno supadopatroupa, I guess it seems Simpson has been around a long time. As for Johnson's trade reaction, I think his emotions just got the best of him initially.

Going to be a very interesting season.

...I hope you guys are right and it was just a ...shock to the trade by Johnson........Bombers could really come to love this guy with the options he gives them....he's a gamer.....(and canuck)....I hope it all ends up in a smooth transition...Kelly is a guy who you can play a 100 percent for.....Riall has to talk to a couple of receivers of the esks. to get a feel of what Mike is all about....Peterson of the schmoes, raved about Mike and especially hated to see Kelly go...Johnson will be joining a highly competitive team....Welcome aboard Rial....(hopefully) :thup: were right-on supa......That's what Johnson said in his facebook...but has since re-thought his statements...He sounds really po'd with the Argos organization and is ready to lay some hurt on them (on the field),,,when he gets his chance...The opposite of the way Zeke left the Peg...Rial says he want to be wanted..... Kelly says he luvs the guy (not like Danny M. loves Jason Maas however) and like i said before...our arms are wide open....welcome aboard Mr. Johnson... :thup: :rockin:

I sat behind the Argo bench in Hamilton at the Labour Day game, I recall at games end seeing Johnson lying on the ground on the Argos sideline just exhausted because had just played his heart out. That is what the Bombers can expect from this very intellectual football player.

honestly, watching this guy, i always thought he was an import... hes big, he's fast, and he's mean and canadian?... cant wait to see him next to doug brown in defense...he is only going to get that much better...

this is a crazy trade that i never thought could of happend.... kudos kelly!

Wow, look what happens when you go away for a couple days :slight_smile:

I like this move, we do trade a great player in Moreno but he definitely was expendable. Johnson is a good DE and a massive ratio buster. This eases the pain a bit from losing Gauthier and it for sure gives us way more flexibility with other defense, ratio wise.

I'm not to jazzed up about a guy who said he'd rather retire then report but hopefully it was just a quick reaction to the trade. Seriously, every time Moreno gets traded for a defensive end, this non-reporting happens with the other guy :slight_smile:.

This is a good trade for both teams going into this season. Argos needed a MLB (actually they needed one last year) and Winnipeg needed some starting non-imports.
Moreno will stop teams running up the middle on the Argos. They might have to take him out on obvious passing downs sometimes, but that's not a problem as Eiben can slide over.
Johnson is a pass rusher first and run stopper second, but playing beside Doug Brown and having Barrin Simpson backing him the Bombers can let him pin his ears back and do what he does best, rush the QB.