Moreno - Burris

Was Moreno's hit on Burris a little reminiscent of the Mosca hit on Willie Fleming?

Of course, both hits were NOT penalties.

Burris looked like he reached out with his arm diving ,thats how he was hurt IMO,the Moreno contact looked light .

I can't believe more players aren't hurt reaching out with the ball to gain ground,you're totally vulnerable in the shoulder area.

THe Hit was Legit. U Cant stop yourself once your airborn.

This is why I side with Ang's side of the story on the Fleming hit:

  1. No penalty was called;
    2) Ang tried to slow down to lessen his impact, but the knee to the head didn't work. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

<Googles "knee of God" and still gets Maradona> LOL

Oski Wee Knee,

I was being semi-sarcastic in the earlier post. If Ang had wanted to crush Fleming, he would have with a helmet or a shoulder, I believe. It's hard to slow down an airborne 280+ pound Italian missile after all. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

With the way the refs have called the game lately though…we got a break on it. Breathing on opposing qbs gets us flagged lately

It looked to me like Burris hurt himself when he hit the turf. Moreno couldn't really stop...but I like the way Moreno plays. Full tilt until the whistle blows.

ps: speaking of blows, I'm kinda surprised Jake Ireland didn't haunt Hamilton with his whistle for a change...

Moreno's hit did not cause his injury.

Or maybe it did..
""I felt my shoulder roll a little but. Hopefully, it is not serious," said Burris, who will go for an MRI after tossing 16 touchdown passes in the last six games. "I was on the ground and all of a sudden, some guy lands on top of me."

Armour hit Burris's ankle cause him to trip over his own feet. Burris then stumbled forward taking a hard fall to the turf.

Moreno had already committed to the tackle taking an angle to ensure that Burris never cut up field.

Gritty play by the Cats D and tough luck on the Stamps. This happens when you use your QB as a runner.

My brother said the same thing last night.

The non-calls went Hamilton’s way last night. As I’ve said before, it all evens out over the long run.

An Argo-Cat fan

Burris said the hit was late. I just watched the highlights of the game on the score & they spoke to Burris after the game & basically from how he reacted he thought it was an illegal hit. He said that he was hit by the one player & then some other guy who didn't make the tackle came crashing down on him after he was out.

Burris cries every time he gets hit, so it's no surprise he thinks this one was late.

Football is all about karma. I seem to remember Calgary playing BC in Calgary earlier this season and Buck Pierce, who was already nursing a bad shoulder goes down and the Calgary defensive player (can't remember who it was exactly, I think Browner) lands on top of him. Knocks Buck out of the game (still hasn't returned). No flag then either. Replayed showed the Calgary player jumping up as Buck was on the ground, in an "apparent" attempt to go over the pile, but ultimately came down right on Pierce who was lying sideways and absolutely crushed his shoulders.

Edit - changed the location of the game from Vancouver to Calgary. Calgary haven't played in BC yet. It was the game in Calgary on Aug 17th, week 8 when the east teams had their bye week and Jackson had to come in a they played the double overtime to a 45-45 tie. Couldn't find the name of the player in question, but it definitely happened. Anyone else remember this?

Well guys I am disappointed. I for one have been through your lousy season sticking up for your team. Yes, the cal would be questionable. How many times have we seen QB's hit in the back field when a player is in full flight but hits the qb and gets tagged. That is how they call them. In this particular player burris was knocked outof bounds and Moreno fell on him out of bounds no denying that. The refs did not call it that is fine. Burris is entitled to his opinion. But one thing I just discovered is how lousy some of you tiger cat fans can be. Take your win and hopefully you guys will not get another this season go Argos!

Heres hoping Henry Burris is smiling again soon.

Hank, you got to come back and beat DJ Flick and the Green watermelons.

But one thing I just discovered is how lousy some of you tiger cat fans can be.
I am a long time ticat fan and season ticket holder. That being said, I 100% agree with this statement. The proof will be when Printers struggles and the fans call for Williams, probably after 1 or 2 games.

Thanks! Do not get me wrong there are some very good fans the Tiger cats have. Anyone that would put up with this team for so long would have to good fans. But over the past few months I have watched some of these fans hammer away at this team only to get cocky after a win. Yes get excited about a win good fans would but to be cocky with two wins tells the story. I am glad for the Tiger cats if they can turn this nightmare around. But to be cocky after getting your second win is just pathetic. To all of you good fans for Hamilton all the best for the rest of the season. All the classless wonders there is not much hope for you. Sad but true. In a night you should be happy that a young 2nd string QB showed so much promise these class less fans go after a young man that grew up in your area. A guy that has proven himself as a star in this league and you slag him because he practises at half time. He has done this since coming into the league maybe that is why he has been successful unlike your team has had no success. I am not bitter over the loss of the game I truly am not I am just shocked that many good fans have lousy fans among them. Sad but true. Good luck your going to need it.

Redwhite, having dealt with many, many Ticat losses over the past couple years, here's some words of advice.

Don't read another teams forum after losing to them. Fans are always going to be cocky after a win. And if your team is the one on the losing end, you'll never have a good time reading threads about the victory.

Your probably right! My intent was to congratulate and that will not happen again I assure you.