hey bomber fans u better have a good defense this year cuz your offensive line sucks as we steal 2 ol's from you its gonna be a long season for your offense lol.
Wait maybe whiner Tom canada can be Qb

....OH ...i think you know how good Moreno is :lol: lol lol?????? good that i know Gauthier will look like a pylon next to him....We also acquired Steve Morley and January....who's as good as fill the holes....We also acquired Shadeek Shabazz,,,,,better tread carefully in our secondary :lol:

LOL January was the pylon last year on Sask's o-line. that's why they let him go to sign Mcgrath. Don't get me wrong he's young and has upside, but he was average at best last year.

from the sounds of it, they lost january to free agency, not let him go.. and signed joe mcgrath to cover for the loss... january is definately better then joe... thats a downgrade for sask

.......Murphy signs withthe Argos....guess the hammer wasn't his destination after all....Picard will be a good addition to their o all they need is a team to go with their newest beef....Too many changes in Argoland....Moreno should have these guys for breakfast.... :wink:

Sask. fans definitely weren't upset when he didn't re-sign with the Riders...personally, I'd rather see what McGrath has to offer than see the Riders keep January another year...take that for what you will...

..January definitely had an off year in Regina.....he never regained his form after suffering a bad injury to his leg while with the Argos.......playing the Bombers if i remember correctly...Hopefully he'll return to the solid player he was... :roll:

I would still say Mcgrath is better. Even if they were about the same, or January is a bit better, Mcgrath is a non-import, and that's a huge advantage.

mcgrath was definately a good signing by you guys...

because he's canadian.... but i still think january will turn out to be better