Moreno at MLB?

Winnipeg may be shopping Moreno. What would you be willing to give up to get him? I think we could move a Canadian receiver and one other player or a draft pick. They have Simpson already and don't have room for two MLB's but they really need receivers based on what I watched last year. And their Canadian depth sucks.

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They also are rumoured to have another significant iron in the fire that may see Zeke Moreno on the move to free up the logjam of talent at middle linebacker. The B.C. Lions, Toronto Argonauts and Saskatchewan Roughriders are said to be interested in Moreno

....Bombers have been talking to Wally about Kelly Bates,for one of our talented won't be could be Moreno?????it definitely won't be Simpson.....Now if we were to trade with you about Luca Congi orrrrr Fantuz....... :roll:

Well I don't see Congi or Fantuz ever being on the trading block. But I could see Mckoy or Getzlaff being possible. Not really sure who they would trade for him. I like Zeke and would be more than happy if we got him.

....he'd be great up-side for you guys,,,,,now that i see your d has a glaring hole since free agency...Moreno has game and i wouldn't want to see him go for 'diddly'......(don't know who HE played for lol)...anyway....Getzlaff showed me some stuff last year....but i really like that litttle Dressler kid....I'm afraid you guys are going to have to give up some serious talent to get Moreno...(if in fact he's the lb. on the move)... :wink:

I like it!
After letting the 26 year old best middle linebacker in the league go, I think trading away a handful of solid Canadian talent to get the 31 year old Moreno, who is likely only the 3rd best MLB on the Bombers makes a tremendous amount of sense! And I wonder how much money we would actually save in that deal,as I am thinking Moreno likely has a healthy contract himself.
It would be so ironically stupid it simply must be done!!

Moreno would be a no-brainer. For my money, he's the best MLB in the league. I wish it would be Lobendahn they move, simply because he's younger, but with Zeke you probably get a slight upgrage from Mo, for less money.

I don't see the Riders parting with a Canadian, especially a Regina native like Getzlaf. If you look at the pattern developing, they're hoarding their Non-Imports.

The riders will be offering the Deke Bake, Stevie Baggs, Omar Morgan type. Maybe a Kornegay or Patrick.

But "not on the trading block" doesn't seem to exist on the riders, either. So nothing would surprise me at this point.


...Arius said it in your first line...up to the words ' best linebacker in the league go'....its time to face the facts...the Bombers have work to do....looking at your d now....i'd say you have just as much ....I'm sure we could come to some kind of equitable agreement that would make BOTH teams happy and stronger.....After all we are in the east now ...we don't want to see Moreno (if in fact he's the guy) heading back east to haunt us.....and the player we might get from you wouldn't hurt you or no deal...Wally is hot on the phone making overtures.. :wink:

Good points. I'd like to know how much Moreno is slated to make. I think the Riders screwed up by allowing both McKenzie and Lloyd to be swayed to leave.

Based on what I've seen, Moreno is as good as the guys we let go. And I would even hazard a comment that the system and the surrounding cast made our guys look better.

If Moreno is at 100,000 that would still be 50 to 75000 less than what it would have cost to retain Lloyd so picking him up would not be that stupid a deal if that's the case. Moreno has been a terror on two teams whose defences sucked for the most part so imagine what he could look like on a team with a solid surrounding cast. If his salary is in the 150,000 range then I agree it would make no sense to go after him.

Do I think he is a long term answer? No. But I think he could work well for some time and give us the chance to develop a young guy rather than throwing them into the mix.

I think you missed my point, sarcastic though it was. IF we trade for Zeke, and we may very well do so, it means we would be weaker at MLB PLUS it will have cost us depth. likely non-import. So we get weaker, save almost no money, , Winnipeg and Edmonton both get stronger and the world continues to spin in mysterious ways....
On the other hand, if you'll take Grant and Palmer, I'm sure we might look at taking Lobendahn off your hands.....

Zeke had a terrible year last year--they couldn't wait to get rid of him on a team as bad as Hamilton--, so everyone is basing his worth on one year. Plus he is 31. plus no way is he as good as Mo. Plus he certainly is closer to 150 than he is to 100 in salary. I would guess 125+ for sure. Maybe pushing the 140 mark. And he is likely in his option year...
Zeke may very well be better than anyone we have, but he is still a downgrade from Mo. That about says it all.

I've got to admit I'm a bit confused about your perspective on how Moreno had a horrible year last year when his stats were virtually identical to the previous year. Also, in two years, his stats have been significantly better than Lloyd's. Now I know you can't always go on stats, and I know he is older. As I said, anything over $100,000 would be an issue for me. But I don't think the drop off is as significant as you would seem to think. And the fact he is going into his option year would just mean we should negotiate a longer deal as part of the trade. IF it all fits, I would be fine with the move. If not, then it doesn't really matter to me. But I really do not understand how Lloyd can be next to God in your eyes after two full years while Moreno, who had better stats on much worse teams, could be rated so much lower.

Although I agree that Moreno would be a definite downgrade from Lloyd (and so would every other MLB in the league with the possible exception of Barrin Simpson) I still think he is a quality player. I am not sure why Hamilton let him go, and unless we were part of the process, all we have is rumour and conjecture to base our opinions on. But Winnipeg did pay a relatively steep price to get him (a 2009 first round draft choice) and the rights to Corey Mace who is a Canadian defensive lineman who is currently hoping to make it in the NFL with Buffalo. In all likelihood, he will be in the CFL eventually. Two possible good young Canadians who may impact for the team in the future is a stiff price to pay. I cannot agree that Hamilton "dumped" him and that Winnipeg just "took him off of Hamilton's hands."

This is a copy and paste from Winnipeg's web site

2008 (HAM) – In his second year with the Ti-Cats, Moreno registered a league-leading 52 tackles, two quarterback sacks and an interception (returned for a touchdown) in 10 games.
2007 (HAM) – Moreno’s first season in the CFL was an impressive one. Starting all 18 games, he led the league with 114 defensive tackles, which was also a team record. He added 12 special teams tackles, one quarterback sack, two forced fumbles and two interceptions. His efforts earned him being named a CFL all-star and East division all-star. He was also the Ti-Cats nominee for Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Defensive Player.

Last year, up till the time he was traded, he was leading the league in tackles in 10 games. Why he sat out the last 8 games is speculation. The year before he was both a CFL all-star and East Division all-star, exactly what Mo was this year. Last year the best in the league was Mo and the year before it was Moreno.

The 'riders now have depth at every position except linebacker and quarterback, so the 'riders are in a position to make a deal.

We have no idea what his salary is... the only time we hear about that is when the "Cat is let out of the bag" for reasons that are often less than benevolent.

Stats, smats. zeke was awful in Hamilton, and far below expectations in Winnipeg. Fact is, they traded Zeke to Winnipeg because they felt they had a better, younger backer ready to go. Zeke isn't a bad linebacker. And he did play very well in 2007. Just not so well in 2008. Mo had a far better year than zeke did. And given the respective ages, which way would you anticipate the playing curves to go?
But again, the main point of what was in fact a very sarcastic post is, yes, we need a linebacker. And zeke would in fact be a welcome addition. The irony continues to be---we had a better linebacker, and now we will need to trade away talent to replace that linebacker. Even if I gave you Moreno=Mo, it is just stupid.

He didn't sit the last 8 games. He played them for Winnipeg. And he led the league in tackles.

My guess is that Hamilton moved him because their major problem (among several) was the almost total lack of a pass rush, and that's why they wanted Canada. My guess is that Hamilton called trying to acquire Canada (not necessarily offering Moreno initially), and Taman held out for Moreno as the price. Just a guess mind you..........

Also, Moreno was an All-Star at LB along with McKenzie and Lloyd last year. Yup. Horrible talent dropoff. Guys been in the league two years and been an all-star two years.

He didn't sit out the last 8 games, he was in Winnipeg then.

I like Moreno. Yes, he's 31, but it's a relatively low mileage 31 given his limited playing time prior to coming to the CFL. He was an absolute beast in Hamilton in 2007.

Plus, he's sure to have a couple good years left, and in today's CFL, you're never certain of ANYBODY, at any age, for more than a couple of years.

His salary, and his willingness to extend his contract could be issues, but not insurmountable. After the nightmare in Hamilton for 1.5 seasons, and then the Doug Berry circus to end last year, any franchise in the West will feel like paradise.