Morencie now a Blue Bomber

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Becomes the second player to be taken off of our PR this year, would have been three if Steele didn’t like it here as much he apparently does.

University probes sideline incident between Morencie's son and Star columnist

By Dave Waddell, The Windsor Star October 26, 2010

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It looks like this incident put Morencie in the bad books with the Tiger Cats.

Big dislike.

On the positive side, when the other teams are plundering your PR that means you're doing a good job at player development.

That's all I got.

Better is better. Deeper is deeper. When your talent is as deep as it is on the Cats' roster, things like this happen.

Didn't we steal him from BC last year?

Yes -- in the same fashion that Montreal "stole" Mike Giffin from the Cats the year before.
Morencie was a 3rd Round/21st overall '09 draft pick of the Lions who went back to univeristy at Windsor. BC did not register him as suspended, so he was a free agent. Hamilton signed him in November of last year, when his university season was over, and suspended him immediately. He has never dressed for a regular season game.

8) He was a real good representative of the TiCats, for sure !! :oops: :roll:
   Good riddance to him.

Meh. Life goes on.

Why do people keep using the word steal? It's all within league guidelines.

When coaches place players on the PR they do so knowing that any one of them can be claimed by another team.

Maybe learn the guidelines of the league you people claim to be fans of.

We know it's legal, but it really does feel like we're being ripped off. :smiley:

You're right. I'm probably not a legitimate fan because I used the word "steal" as short-hand for claiming a player from another team.

Don't give Zen too much thought. He never misses an opportunity to admonish people here. It may be a symptom of insecurity.

If the league gave teams protection to develop players we wouldn't have to turn a blind eye to the guy who spends a year or two on the one game injured list.

Remember the great Mike Philbrick? He was claimed by Hamilton off the Calgary PR in 93.

This idea of protecting PR players hurts the players themselves. The purpose of the PR agreement as it stands is to give guys that are not playing a chance to if needed. The PR agreement in the NFL is virtually identical to ours.

The idea of keeping all the players for yourself is greedy and not in the spirit of good sportsmanship. The 5 year old that wants to keep all his toys mentality is ridiculous when you're an adult.

The players are people after all. Not trained mules.

Well zen, since you called me out on vocabulary, I just wanted to point something out. Your arguments are all about claiming players from another team's practice roster - and I understand that there are guidelines in place for that. I used the word "steal" to talk about a player who was drafted by one team and somehow signed by another before he even finished school. That's a whole different situation, and I'm not really in love with the practice. It seems to have benefited us recently, but I recall people being a little ticked in the Giffin situation, saying that it violated a longstanding gentlemen's agreement within the league. Is it really as simple as a team forgetting to designate a player as "suspended"? If so, that seems like a pretty bone-headed oversight.

A "gentlemen's agreement" means nothing legally and it's a rather outdated thing that means nothing in the modern world of pro sports. All the CFL office cares about is if rules are broken. None have been with any of the discussed players here.

hurts the players?

IMO, the teams need to be protected because
of what they have invested in the player.

They drafted him or in the case of an American, they scouted him
and had him on their negotiation's list for years and signed him

and they are paying him to sharpen his pro football skills.

The rule protects the team from losing a player they drafted, or scouted
and signed, who may be a newcomer"acclimatizing" himself to the CFL

or a player on standby in case of injuries to active roster players.

The long agreed to gentleman's agreement is now a written rule

The rule is... if another team wants your practice roster player

they have to inform the other team before they sign him.

That team can avoid losing him by moving him
to their active roster within the next 24 hours.

I can't wrap my mind around your next comments, zen.

greedy? not in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

These comments are so far from logical they leaves me speechless.