Do you think they will sign mike morealle again?
i hope they do.
he is really important to this team, and when they pass to him really exciting to watch!

Good luck to Mike.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the better with the ball?

Me thinks Mike will be in training camp and if Taaffe doesn't believe Mike has any starts in him, Taaffe will cut him loose.

Offseason though is not a friend of old veterans bodies.

I'd love to see a return to form season from Mike. He got shafted last year.

Rob Hitchcock.

(I just wanted to be the first to say his name, because every thread I've seen on either Mike or Rob in the past year always includes a mention of both.)

Might as well bring him back, we dont have anyone who is much better....yet

Should have been cut last year. Any reps he gets are ones that a younger player like Ian Fleming don't get. It's time to look to the future not the past.

Ditto for Hitch.

With all that is going on it's hard to imagine him escaping the axe this year.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see both Hitch and Morreale "retire" (nudge, nudge out the door and thanks for everything)and get community relations jobs with the team. People still remember the glory years when Hitch was laying out receivers left and right and when Morreale had a 1,000 yard season and won the Most Outstanding Canadian award.

Hiring them to do jobs like that would seem like a rather logical fit whenever they do decide to hang 'em up.

I'm hoping that my MORREALE MACARONI package will remain front and centre on my desk topper in my office this year.

Got mine right next to my Flutie Flakes!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

As for Mike and Rob, I love both of them as regards their performances for the team over the past many years.

In 2007, there are hard choices to be made.

What kind of money do we need to pay either to continue, at their ages, versus what could we "buy" or develop on a longer term view?

Its my own belief that Mike still has the "hands", "head", "gonads" and "guts" to play another year, and he can lead young receivers. On the other hand, the team seldom starts him, there's a question of "meshing" with a QB to retain the "go to guy" status. A great choice for a dually effective "player coach" in the short term, perhaps a receiver coach or defensive coach in the long trm...well worth looking at.

Rob Hitchcock was a fantastic Safety and backfield captain, but now they've shifted him to LB whee he doesn't, of course, do nearly as well. I would really hate to part with the guy, but unless we can retain him as some sort of coach (without running into a cash crunch in doing so!) its time for him to accept hanging them up and moving on.

Heresy, heresy, I know, I know, but neither are Winfield, Mosca, Champion etc coming back to rescue us, either, and we have to move on with the new rules and "caps", and I believe Mr Young is right on top of this...

I Only see Rob Hitchcock back ..

Strictly special teams.

I hope that Morreale comes back for sure. he has proven he can do his job. It would be great to have him come back to the team, i think. It would also be great to have Hitchcock back as well. They both can still do the jobs they are supposed to do. So, I say why not. They are both great football players. They still have a lot to offer this team. 8)

If either one of these guys makes the 2007 team, it isn't a good sign. It tells me that we aren't getting younger, and that we are settling for average players who contributed to many recent losing seasons. I expect both of these guys will "retire" sometime during camp.

I actually hope that they come back. I don't see a superior Canadian at the moment. If there is one then its time for the older player to make way.

Joe Montford.

(For the same reasons)

We'll see, sigpig. The more logical place to post something about Montford these days would be on the Cheatwood thread.

As for my Morreale & Hitchcock prediction, it certainly proved to be accurate. I would go so far as to suggest that no two players have been so closely associated (as in - can't mention one without the other) in the short history of this fan forum. Which is odd because they play on opposite sides of the ball.

Over the longer term, what other pairs of Ticats would be considered inseparable in the minds of fans? I can think of a few possibilities:

  • McManus & Flutie
  • Covington & Walker
  • Mosca & Barrow

Winfield (Praise Be His Name) and Champion/DiPietro/Kerrigan/Crawford...

Re: today Spectator article about Morreale...

I guess Morreale doesn't realize that just because he likes playing in Hamilton doesn't mean that the Ticats are obliged to sign him. Mike, time marches on. Instead of begging the team to invite you to camp, retire with some dignity.