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ticat sing 2 more recevier i guess u can not have to much copation let me now wat u think

And cutting Iain Fleming as well...a non-import.


There is no official evidence
of # 81 Iain Flemming's release.

I clicked on the TEAM tab > Transactions
and found Kwame # 82 was released June 9th.

click here

Have you aquired knowledge about
Iain's release from another source?

at the end of the news release (on the front news page) about the 2 new rec'rs it mentions that Iain Fleming has been released.

I see Karen. I clicked on the NEWS tab
and found Iain's release at the bottom
of the 'June 10th Training Camp Report'


Here it is. click here

Thank You, Karen.


Iain worked hard at his game. He stayed after practice

He told Greg Marshall in his first year
that he would rather go back to Queeens

to play in his last year of eligibility
than to be tied to our practice roster.

Greg assured him he would have his chance.

What was it? One Game? One Pass?

Such is pro football.

Iain could be a dark horse
if anybody picks him up.

He is a big rangy receiver
with sure hands.

Everyone wants to blame the qb's but i'm sure this is a sign that Charlie sat down, watched the film and quickly found out that we need better receivers.

Let's applaud Craig Smith and his scouting staff

for having a supply of quality guys for Charlie
to evaluate waiting by their phones for a call.

Let's also keep in mind that the Als receiving corps is in flux -- after Cahoon and Stala (who had a rough receiving game yesterday), the Als are scrambling for wideouts.

Oski Wee Wee,

how is bradley looking in camp?

Toni is going to get booed out of town this year, he's going to get all the blame for poor play calling and crappy receivers.

Drexl, I couldn't agree with you more. The Bellefeuille system is very swing pass and quick out-oriented as I recall. It uses the slots as the main quick-strike weapon, not the wideouts. I think Cahoon will be double-teamed and zoned schemed against even more this year. Whether AC has the patience to play dink-and-dunk is very unclear to me...his intermediate seam throws have become more suspect as the last few years have shown. Unlike Danny Mac, whose arm punts would tend to be deeper with a higher plane, AC throws flatter picks more often to interior DBs and OLBs jamming crossing routes and slants. My guess is that these vulnerabilities may be exposed even more this year.

Oski Wee Wee,

cant be that quality if there wating for a phonecall so they can attend a training camp after a practice roster play last year gets cut.

Blitz21, there are legions of football players in the U.S.
from good football programs itching to play pro football.

Did you ever watch the wanna-be's we used to bring in
and put on the playing field in our Exhibition Games?

I don't follow the NCAA but many of them looked like
they were drop-outs from Junior College football.

None of them came close to being college players
from the better football programs in the U.S.A.