More Trades To Come :)

I kind of knew that Kelly would be interested in Lefors, i’ve seen him play and this guy is a very good QB, probably good enough to start. With that out of the way the Bombers appear they are not done yet as these rumours are swirling around.

BC is interested in Tom Canada, pending physical and/or Simpson/Moreno, but for who?
Glenn is being shopped around (about time) Sask is interested
Edmonton is also interested in Simpson or Moreno and Sheridan
Sask is interested in Armstrong and Armstead

These are VERY HOT rumours and apparently the BB’S are talking to all these teams.

Not enough staff at Bomber HQ to answer all those phones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Armstrong makes sense. You're on drugs if you think the Riders have any interest in Armstead.

I have no idea why BC would be interested in Tom Canada, given his health.

They aren't. Those are all red herrings being thrown in the air by a very inexperienced guy trying to play GM.

...All sorts of rumours spin-out of actions taken by a team sometimes.....some factual ...others speculation.....UNLESS you are privy to inside info. on EVERY teams inner workings ...every take (especially on this board) on a teams dealings should be taken with a grain of salt until officially confirmed by the teams involved...

My take on the Bombers players mentioned

Armstead.......he showed us last year he still has the talent to compete in this league....Why would we move him??????? a quality receiver and i would say ....definitely staying put....unless, here we go with the speculation, he decides to retire
Canada ....still under contract with the Bombers....his health will determine if he remains with the team
Sheridan.....still under contract with the Bombers ....status doubtful if he'll return to the BigBlue or football period
Glenn.....will be traded if and when another club will accomodate him....or he could still be invited to t.c....He is due bonus money shortly and my take is the Bombers will make a move on his status with the team before then

...The fact that Mike Kelly chose the high-road concerning Glenn...hardly denotes in-experience....but really speaks to what this man is all about...For people underestimating his abilities....i say....just watch and learn how you turn a team into a winner...the process has just begun :wink: :thup: you can take that to the bank...

i agree papa, who said that these rumours are from an experienced wanna be GM? Kelly will make the right decisions regarding his players and WINNING philosophy. When you are not competing at 100%, rest assured Kelly WILL have a talk with you and even sit you out if need be to get the message across, he is a proven winner so to say he is a "wannabe GM" ... look at his winning resume. Plus we are NOW looking for a GM anyway's, but even if they hire a GM, this person WILL NOT have the say on who plays on game day, it will still be Kelly's call, it would be a meeting between Kelly, the new GM and Bauer to make a trade.