More Ticat coaching candidates


Jonathan Huntington Sat, November 29, 2008

If the CFL coaching is still an old boys network here are some candidates.

Chris Jones has worked with Marcel Bellefeuille before.

And so has Noel Thorpe.

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If Chris Jones gets passed over as Head Coach
Marcel might want to bring him here as our D.C.

Marcel worked with him in Calgary for 3 years
and for one year with the Montreal Alouettes

and Chris Jones took one year to turn around
Calgary's Defence into the #1 CFL Defence this year.

3. Chris Jones, Calgary Stampeders def. co-ordinator

An engaging person behind the scenes, Jones is
the rising hotshot in the CFL coaching department

PRO: Under Jones's guidance, the Stamps' defence gave up
a league-low 21.5 points per game in the regular season

before winning the Grey Cup this fall.

Edmonton gave up 26.2 points per game.

Jones built that stellar defence this year with just two returning starters.

CON: Jones isn't tied to the Esks in any way, meaning Maciocia a
nd Rick LeLacheur need to determine in a short time window

if this can be a successful marriage.

QUESTION: If Jones is successful,

will current Edmonton special teams co-ordinator Noel Thorpe
remain to work with his former associate in Montreal (2002-07)?

  1. Noel Thorpe, Esks special teams co-ordinator & def. backs coach


From 2003 to 2007, Thorpe worked closely with Jones
to build the Alouettes' defensive unit.

In those 5 years, Montreal ranked 3rd in the CFL in points allowed,

second in passing yards allowed and second in interceptions.

Maybe Marcel could get the Thorpe to come here, too.

Why would Jones ever leave Calgary for Hamilton? He has a good situation where he is.

And would we even want Thorpe? Is he really an upgrade over Easley?

Ron, I don't recall Marcel ever coaching in Calgary ... perhaps you mean Saskatchewan?

As far as I know Jones and Bellefeuille only worked together when the latter was in Montreal.

In any event, Jones is already DC in Calgary; he couldn't come to Hamilton in the same capacity as that would be a lateral move. He's under consideration in Edmonton because moving to Head Coach is a move up.

My bad thinking Chris Jones would make,
or be allowed to make, a lateral transfer.

My bad about Marcel not coaching
with Chris Jones out West!

At least, I got a couple people talking.

Marcel said he wants his coaches hired by Dec 12

When Obie and Marcel aren't making decisions
posters are always making speculations

This is the time to speculate on things.

Has anybody else got any ideas about who
Marcel may choose to work for him next year?

Danny ain't taking the O.C job.

We need a new O.C now, too.

According to this report in today's Winnipeg Free Press, the only member of the 2008 Bomber coaching staff who appears certain to be retained for 2009 is Bob Dyce, the receivers coach and college draft coordinator. New Bomber head coach Mike Kelly has yet to speak to defensive line coach Richard Harris so his future with the club is uncertain at this time.

New Bomber head coach Mike Kelly wants to bring in Mark Nelson as defensive coordinator and Ronnie Vinklarek as offensive line coach. If he able to do this, then defensive coordinator Greg Marshall will be available unless gets the head coaching job in Edmonton or Toronto. Offensive line coach Bob Wylie would also be available.

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Oh I think it’s pretty much certain that Greg Marshall will be seeking alternate employment. That’s now twice he’s been passed over for the head coaching position there, first by Berry and now by Kelly, so I think he’ll want out of there even if Kelly decided he wanted to keep him on.

He’s usually run a pretty good defence, although last year’s Bomber’s D wasn’t as effective as it had been in the past.

I have a coaching related question..

Why has Creehan not been fired yet? Our 08 D squad had NO 4th quarter strength at all. You cannot win with no 4th quarter D. The Cats would have been a 500 team in 08 if our D hadn't blown it. Creehan had them playing zone when it should have been man to man and vise versa.

Its simply crazy the man kept his job all season. CRAZY!@#

Hard to believe Creehan is still with the team considering the team has been toast for about a month. If Marcel B retains Crehan as the D Coach you can expect more of the same from last year. The soft zone and no pressure package was very easy to play against. I also believe Zeke voiced his discontent and was shuffled off to Winterpeg. I also can not believe Obie has stayed on board with Creehan considering our dismal defence stats.

You can put a 4 cylinder in a drag car and, although it’ll look fast, it’s still slow. Creehan could only work with the players he was given. Considering the complete lack of pass rush, the fact that the Cats were in so many games in the 4th and had an all star DB (and a constantly improving backfield) speaks highly of Creehans ability to get value out of his players. I found myself yelling at the TV many times this year when I saw the 3-4 on second and med/long as I thought it was a mistake, but what else could he do? I questioned the zone coverage many times, but why play man and depend on your rush or blitz when there is no hope of either? THAT would be poor coaching. It took me a while to accept this (even though I hated to do so) and after I cooled down I realized that the D was probably as good as it could be. I’m not so sure that Creehan was the problem and I would hate see him go and show up in TO or Montreal and have success. He knows the players in Hamilton, they know him AND have a year of experience getting the systems down. Change is not always good. I vote for giving him a chance.

At the end of this article posted on today about Tom Clements not being interested in the Argo head coaching, it is reported that Denny Creehan visited Concord University in Athens, West Virginia yesterday to inquire about their coaching vacancy:

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It's rarely (almost never) just the coaches or just the players who make the difference between a losing season, or a good team and a great team.

When Vince Lombardi arrived in Green Bay there was a lot of talent, but misused - he made Bart Starr the QB, Paul Hornung the HB and Jim Taylor the FB. Tinkered with the line and in a year or two, NFL championships and the 1st 2 Super Bowls. But he couldn't repeat the success in Washington with a completely different cast of characters.

We won the Grey Cup in '67 and Sazio retired from HC to GM, leaving Joe Restic the HC. But with essentially the same core of players he couldn't get the results Sazio did (remember the Select-o-matic Offence?) and in 2 or 3 years was gone.

Maybe, just maybe, this year the stars (in the sky) will align right (right players, right coaches), my sacrifices will work (to get rid of the curses haunting this team), and we'll back on the track for a good playoff position this year and the 100th Grey Cup in 2010.

Jones is under contract to Calgary. The only place he could go is HC for Edmonton.