More thoughts on the Saskatchewan game, etc.

It's too soon to stop talking about this last game. Also, I didn't want the bulk of the discussion to be relegated to a thread about where the coach sticks his pen. So here's some random thoughts:

  1. I can't remember the last time we came back from such a large deficit. Can anyone help me?

  2. By my count, Burris has now thrown TD passes to seven different players: Fantuz, Williams, Walker, Jones, Stala, Stephenson, and Grant. Hopefully it's only a matter of time before we can add Giguere to the list.

  3. Speaking of Jones and Giguere, congrats are due for their big contributions late in the game. Besides his two TDs, Jones had an amazing catch where he almost got busted in two by the DB. And Giguere finally had a long catch & run, helping to justify all those comments about his speed.

  4. Good call by Hage on the game ball for Boudreau. I only realized after checking the stats sheet that he was credited with two sacks in addition to the big strip of Durant in the 4th. Good pressure most of the night by the D-line.

  5. We really need to get better on kick-off returns. Single points matter, as we saw at the end of the game.

  6. I think people were saying that only once in the post-McManus era had a Ticat QB thrown for 4 TD passes -- that being Porter's big game against the Als in 2008, I believe. And now Burris has done it three times in his first five games! Wow!

  7. Burris has to be a candidate for a second straight player of the week award. Seems like the main competitors are Chad Owens (because people get all giddy whenever he does anything good, though he didn't even break 100 yards), and maybe Lulay, although I didn't catch the BC game so I can't judge.

8.) With July's games now done, I'm thinking Burris is also a candidate for offensive player of the month. Three games with 4 TD passses, and an off-the-charts passer rating. His main competition might be Nik Lewis, who again, seems to make commentators quite giddy by doing fairly ordinary things.

  1. Is there any way Chris Williams does not get special teams player of the month? If they give it to a kicker I'll scream.

  2. The collective confidence boost that the team showed in pulling off this win -- and its lasting effect on their attitudes in the remainder of the season -- may well be the most important outcome of this game. There is no reason to think the team will doubt themselves again.

  3. If we get on a roll, let's all agree to be more dignified than the tedious "swaggerville" fans last season, who seemed to forget when the championship game is actually awarded. Call it "playing to the whistle."

Very well said, Expat. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Yes please! That was pathetic last year and I don't see much swag out of them this year.

As Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip said in "Heaven is a Better Place Today":
"If and when you get into the end zone, act like you have been there a thousand times before." (inspired by Vince Lombardi)

  1. We never did it with Bellefuille, and obviously we were pretty bad for about 4 years prior to his tenure. So it's probably been a long time.

ex pat:

Good thoughts. I'd like to expand on your point 10 by saying as a fan that I can't remember any time with our last two HC's that we had reason to be confident at the end of July about a playoff spot...or more.
I am still concerned about the defence generally. Why were we able to produce such a good pass rush for one game...and not be as effective the next? Our special teams are getting great punts from Bartel but they don't seem to be able to get down the field and prevent enough good plays by punt returners. Jim Daley makes enough noise during'd think the players would have got the message by now.
Having said all that, I'll bet things improve now that the offence is clicking. Maybe George Cortez will have more time to devote to the defence.

Astute observations ExPat.

The secondary still needs to tighten up after allowing 380 yards through the air.
Tisdale appeared out of position and lacked the necessary speed/quickness for redemption during points in the game.

And while the Dline showed definite improvement, (Boudreaux in particular) Durant still had ample time on many plays to find the open receiver on second reads.

What an excellent post Ex-Pat.

I find myself reading it over and over again. I wish I had written this one myself and look forward to the interesting discussion it will generate.

It's an exciting time to be a TiCat fan right now!!!

Excellent read expat. So many strong points as you allude to. Chris Williams with ABIII around doesn't get to show his stuff and CW is much better than ABIII. I know big difference in age but who would you rather have on your team right now for that type of receiver, import?

Agreed on all counts.

I was one of the naysayers who was quite worried about the D-line when training camp started. But I'm quite certain that Boudreaux is going to be the "rare training camp gem" that we so desperately needed. He has pretty impressive finesse pass rushing skills for a rookie.

Everybody wants Chad Owens to be successful as a receiver to complement his kick-return skills. This year he really seems to be putting the complete package together, so people are pretty excited about him. (That said, who would you rather have? Chad Owens or Chris Williams?)


My points on the Game :

  1. Good play selection by Cortez in the 4th quarter and great execution by Burris .

  2. It is looking like Burris accuracy is top notch and gets the points when he needs them

  3. Chevon Walker is looking like he is improving his inside running game to go with the huge threat he is on catches out of the backfield and hsi break away speed on runs .

  4. Chris Williams continues to be big threat and especially those after the catch yards .
    5 Onrea Jones showed he can run good routes and has good hands
    6 Nice key receptions by Giguerre . I hope he is ready to break out
    7 We need the week off to get Knowlton healthy and to give giguere and rey williams feet some rest and for burris and chris williams as well due to age and workload.
    8 Our ausiie kicker looked good again today
    9 Our kick return game was not so good today .
    10 Our Dline had some decent pressure especially Boudreau and Peach . Peach has quite the engine like Mcintyre had .
    11 We could use Knowlton back .
    12 Nice to see Hinds getting more action
    13 Did not like Tisdale biteing on the fake to dressler and letting his man free for a long TD
    14 We still need to learn how to contain Dressler better as well as the QB.
    15 Lots of missed tackles today on Durant and Sheets . A few resulted in first downs when the should have been nailed 2 to 3 yards back . i noticed JAMAL AND REY missing some key tackles as well as Bo Smith .
    16 Nice to see Stala finally getting soem throws his way and making the catches .
    17 We need to be more consistant on offence and defence and get that 3rd quarter monkey of our back .
    18 Burris looks headed to an MVP year to me .
    19 I wonder what we do if Hickman or Thigpen come back . I assume we have room for either .
    20 . Fantuz was likley used as more of a decoy today .
    21 a key play in the game was when the liders lost start kick returner and cornerback Tristan JACKSON . He was doing a great job and both aspects until his injury and ran stride for stride with Giguerre and long pass attempt.

  5. Overall getting a win in RIDERVILLE is a big deal and almost coming back in BC was huge too. This team now knows they can come back against anyone / anywhere.
    23 i thought our OLINE did well but one play when husband played tackle for simmons was a mess and simmons and dile got mixed up as well with chavon on some blitzes ..

24 Ray was looking to take peoples heads off and was just late on qb rush for a sack..he could have had an interception late but went for the hit instead .
25 Onrea Jones held on to a ball after being hot very hard ...good on him .

One prediction down, two to go.