More than 8.6 million Canadians watched East/West Games !!

Toronto, ON (November 19, 2012) – The 100th GREY CUP PLAYOFFS continued yesterday with huge audiences for TSN and RDS.

Overnight data from BBM Canada confirms that the Western Final with Calgary @ B.C. was watched by an average audience of 2 million viewers on TSN and RDS (1.9 million on TSN; 105,000 on RDS).

On TSN, this marked a 3% increase compared to last year. Audience levels peaked at 2.9 million on TSN late in the fourth quarter of the game as the Stampeders held on to defeat the defending Grey Cup champions at BC Place.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Eastern Final, featuring Toronto @ Montreal, attracted an average audience of 1.9 million on TSN and RDS (1.43 million on TSN; 466,000 on RDS).

On TSN, the Eastern Final was up 15% compared to last year. Audience levels peaked at 2.7 million viewers on TSN as the Alouettes set up their last play of the game.

Overall, more than 8.6 million Canadians watched some part of the 100th GREY CUP PLAYOFFS on TSN and RDS yesterday.

Featuring the Toronto Argonauts at home to the Calgary Stampeders, the historic 100th GREY CUP will be broadcast live on Sunday, Nov. 25 on TSN, TSN Mobile TV, TSN Radio, and in French on RDS.

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your late


My heading sounds better :thup:

No, your heading is misleading.

Add the words ‘part of the’ and it is now correct.

At least thats how I see it.

That said, great # and I think a few people here predicted this.

I think the Cats and Argos would have had better #'s then the 1.4m which excludes RDS.

Hopefully whatever happens the momentum continues into next year.

Would like to see Argos build on this, 25k per game, and league as a whole with several 1m plus games.

Good numbers going into the TV negotiation year. However, your title is misleading, the 8 million includes both the East/West Semis and both the East/West finals a week later so it's a total of Four games. But that's a good spin by the CFL.

Nope, Mikem, you are wrong again , the press release by TSN clearly states the 8.6 million was the number from the 2 Finals only . It states YESTERDAY games.