More than 42,000 sold

Over 42,000 Tics sold for the eastern final.......

Id love to see 50!!!!!

Ticket sales have already surpassed last years attendance of 38,000.
With two weeks to go you should stand a good chance of seeing your 50,000, ro1313.
Luv to see it. Might even make the trip myself if the Cats are playing. Would definitely have
come it the Argo's were going to be there.


I'd love to see 60!

Ill root for 60 when we hit 50 :wink:

If they can give the Argos a good thrashing today, it should help sales

How about 65? I've got tickets on the 55 yard line, and I'd like to see the joint packed to the gills!

You sound like an Argo fan. I sincerely hope they can get things straightened out in TO as far as the CFL is concerned. The CFL is in fierce competition with every other possible entertainment source, including the NFL who had had the Bills play in the Rogers Centre.

For years now the CFL has run hot and cold where attendance is concerned in Canada's largest city; I don't know why that is. Vancaouver has also had trouble putting bums in the seats and both cities have excellent factilities that can accommodate 50,000 - 60,000 fans.

I have always maintained that a pro sports organization must have good PR and the various clubs must be active in their communities, at the high school level...etc. To be sure, many of the top players are American, but I think more could be done to promote the CFL. It is the ONLY pro sport in Canada with only Canadian teams involved. This year has been a good one for the CFL. With the exception of the Argos, every game has been meaningful and went right down to the wire. How can you ask for more?

I hope we can get Ottawa back very soon, in a good facility. I also hope there could be expansion to Halifax, Quebec City, even Saskatoon - what a rivalry that would be ina football-crazy market!. I'd like to see a 12-team league that is highly competitive. This would, I believe, generate more interest in football at the high school and university levels, and provide Canadian players more opportunities to play football in their own country.

I certainly hope that the Argos get things turned around to establish and maintain equity in the league and put a highly competitive team on the field. This will be good for league, for the fans, and for the CFL.

Definitely share your hopes. The Argos have gone from bad to worse this year with very little improvement, if any, from last year. And now with the ownership question leaving the situation even more unsettled, it doesn't look as if improvement is anywhere close.

Like I said in another thread, anything less than 65 000 is an under achievement.

There was 62 517 in attendance for SSK @ EDM game on 26 Sept. It was a regular-season game. The next Als game will be a division final, in a higher-capacity stadium, in a higher population city where there is no intra-provincial rival team.

The only difference might be that Ti-Cat fans are not as fanatical as Riders' or the Lion fans are simply too far away.

If Hamilton makes it, I think we'll get close to 50,000 with their crazy fans.

maybe but we want our crazy fans :cowboy:

half the people in Edmonton were Rider fans that traveled or lived in Alberta cheering their team.

50 000 people with ticket prices being what they are in Montreal is a hell of a payday. Over 2 million in revenues and probably 1 million in Bob’s jeans after he’s paid the player stipends and the RIO or whatever they are called now days.

Give me a break Edm allways gets this huge crowd once a year, this is due to papering with schools and vouchers being used on that day, i will not minimize it, but your memory is quite short, Als have drawn the bigegst crowd for playoffs the last 6 years, 65k would be awesome but after the GC let down who knows.

I, too, would like to see the Big O filled to the rafters. In Regina, I think they should expand the stadium or build a brand new one, same thing in Calgary; I think they could fill the place.

Unfortunately, other teams with big stadia don't sell out. In Vancouver it always appears that the upper deck is all but abandoned. In TO it always is - OK the last two seasons have been nothing to shout about. Edmonton, too, a 60,000-seat venue, is rarely filled to capacity.

Compare that to the NFL where even struggling teams manage to sell out every game. I can't recall when I've seen entire sections empty in an NFL stadium. And let us not forget, the NFL has 80,000 - 100,000-seat stadia. I really would like to see that here. I believe it is a matter of promoting the game, good PR, and marketing.

Sorry it is not allways perfectly rosy in the NFL i remember some cards games playing in front of empty crowds a few years back, It does happen.

The Als site says there are only 11,000 ticks left

That puts sales somewhere between 49,000 and 54,000

There are, of course, exceptions in the NFL, but football south of the border is generally well attended. In many CFL cities, as I mentioned, there are rarely sellouts. Montreal and about 2 other cities sell out regularly. I would like to see that change through promotion, community involvement...etc.

The same sellouts can be seen in the NCAA - at least where Division I teams are concerned; most of the other divisions also sell out. Further, these stadia are huge and can accommodate upwards of 80,000 - 100,000+.

The CFL has a good product but is apparently not that popular with fans - hockey still reigns supreme. I hope that the interest in football and soccer increases. I would love to see stadia packed to the rafters at every game.

It's all about the marketing power and the medias coverage. We have great games but poor coverage in Canada for the CFL. For the marketing well the US football as a lot moor money.

Sorry but that is not entirely true, Div 2 does not all sell out far from actually, same for a few Div 1.

With just about 1 week left before the game I think a sell-out is a real possibility. Gotta think a few tickets will be bought up by either the Ti-Cats or Lions fans. I'd suspect a lot more Ti-Cats fans would actually make the trip...perhaps 1 or 2 thousand.