More terriffic writing from Steve Milton

TAAFFE FIRED: Will it make a difference?

Love the last line that sums more than just a terrific piece by Milton.

Where is the teaser?

I don't have time to read it.

I gotta eat and get to practice by 11:10 AM.

Charlie has to take his share of the blame for only 2 wins this season. Can't blame whoever is up top for all the mistakes in game planning, game management and lack of discipline we have seen.
But Charlie is gone now. Are we going to tell Marcel Bellefeuille that he is doomed too because of top management? I don't think so.


But how long does inheriting the problem last here?

NOW that the chain of command is finally right, as has been pointed out in another thread, the process can, at long last, begin properly.

Great writer... at least the Spec sports section has ONE.

8) His last line was, the Cats still lack good enough players on this team, and that was NO fault of Charlie's at all !!!
 Hmmm, that is something I said all along also !!