More Terrible Decisions For Toronto: Backup LB As The Punter

Argos knew all week that Swayze Waters had an injured thumb/wrist and if he played at all, it would be for FGs & Kick Offs only. And with first place on the line they end up using a back up LB to do the punting? All week to get a punter in. And using a back up LB is the best Toronto could come up with? Inexcusable. What an embarassment.

Let's hear it from the Argo Apologists - - what's the excuse for this one?

There was absolutely zero FA punters available?

They had to dress 8 DLinemen and couldn't possibly have found a roster spot for a punter?

They wanted to see what a back up LB could do with punting?

It didn't matter because Toronto was so bad everywhere else that their mascot could have done the punting?

All that's wrong with this team and you're worried about who's punting? I would happily see them go for it on every 3rd down if they would just fix the damn offense or learn a little discipline.

It's not about who's punting, it's about how Toronto coaches and management do nothing to address their problems. Same old story for the Argos.

Punter can't go? Oh well, we'll just let one of the LBs do the punting.

OLine can't block? Oh well, we'll just keep shuffling the turnstiles around.

Don't have enough healthy Canadians? Oh well, we'll just play a man short.

I'm not sure what you are complaining about here, this guy was called upon 12 times and never shanked one. He averaged 40 yds a punt. For a backup LB that is pretty darn good. Obviously the coaches knew that this guy was capable and decided to let him do the job, I am sure they didn't expect to have to use him so much but...

Apparently we have very different definitions of a "shanked" punt.

I'd say a 35yd punt is a "shank". There were two of those.

I'd say a 32yd punt is a "shank". Two of those as well.

I'd say a 30yd punt is a "shank". Fortunately, just one of those.

Don't forget to tack on the penalty yards too - - an illegal punt out of bounds for 10yds plus all the 15yd no yards calls because the punts were so short the coverage team out ran the ball and had it dropping beside them.