More Sunday Games

1.1 million watch Banjo Bowl. Put more CFL games on Sunday. Ditch Saturday afternoon games. NFL competition obviously not an issue.

If only it was so simple and the only issue was TV ratings.

Maybe it'll happen during the new TV contract or in the next. The CFL has shown that it consistently beats any sport other than NHL. But that's one of the problems when all your games are broadcast on one specialty network, you pretty much have to take what you can get.

Do you have a link??

There were around a million average for the Labour Day Friday and Saturday games, so it seems that CFL fans don't care if it's Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Here's the "official" figures.

[url=] ... lTop30.pdf[/url]

Also saw this tweeted on the CFLPR twitter account - they did not provide a link.

I don't doubt it. There were a million viewers the week before. Labour Day and after is when the ratings go up.

Sunday is just a great day to go to a game or watch on TV. I went to the game in Montreal. A great crowd of 23,000 plus. A sell-out crowd in the Peg, and according to @CFLPR strong TV numbers for the Argos/Als game and huge TV numbers for the Riders/Bombers game...

I'll let you know after Sundays BC Lion VS Montreal game.

Traditionally, back in the 80's, Sundays were a very poor draw at BC Place. So many things to do on a Sunday afternoon. Friday nights and Saturday nights drew bigger crowds. BC has one Sunday game (Sept 15) We'll see if attendance takes a dive or not.