More spirt

I have a lions car flag. Does anybody else have one I never see anybody with one on there car!
Go Lions Go

I have that Lion's sticker that comes with the season tickets on my car, but I'm out in Montreal now :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one that I picked up at Crappy Tire 3 weeks ago, but the damn flag is almost completely torn apart. One drive on the highway, and the flag was all but destroyed.

i have 3 Lions stickers and a car flag on my work van... and "Riders suck" written in the dirt on the van as well... :lol: that is for my Rider fan co-worker

hwgill: either you got a defect or i got a really good one... i drive my work van on the freeway almost everyday... from vancouver to coquitlam and back... i've had the flag since last season and with the exception of one corner where the stitching has just started to come apart a little.. the flag is still in great shape :smiley:

I think it was probably a defective one, since the other one I had (and lost when I forgot and opened the window) didn't tear either. I'm thinking Crappy Tire bought the cheap ones or something...