More 'smack' from Doug day articles

Here's all of today's articles......

Stirring the Pot .....Winnipeg Sun

Ticats differ on field goal try....Winnipeg Sun

Blue offence sweeps....Winnipeg Sun

Rematch war of words ....Calgary Sun

Ticats pegged as all talk ...Ottawa Sun

Teams are getting catty ....Vancouver Sun

Rematch a street fight ....Hamilton Spectator

Cats are ready for the Red Zone ...Hamilton Spectator

Playing the waiting game ...Hamilton Spectator

Bonus Link

500 lb Tiger arrives in Tiger-Cats locker room !!

..does tunnel walk and meets players

Video and audio

click here

This is one great promo idea by the front office.
If that tiger doesn’t scare the bejeezus out of Winnipeg tonight…I don’t know what else will.

Leo Cahill would love all this smack talk. He was a master at stirring things up and getting media attention.

Good video of Tony the Tiger.

His Name is Robbie, a 500-pound tiger from the Bowmanville Zoo