More seats in the stands

Will a win like tonight get more seats in the stands or is it a matter of too lousy for too long so a few wins are needed?

I would think that an effort like tonight would increase the crowd a bit but I don't know the Hamilton market.

if we win next week in Winnipeg then i would expect the Labour day game to have a pretty big crowd.

we would be on a 2 game win streak, plus the whole labour day factor and its against those hated guys dressed in blue that we have killed twice this season :slight_smile:

i would expect very well into the 20,000’s on labour day if we win next week.

More seats in the stands? If anything we need less

If we beat Winnipeg, I predict a sell out for Labour Day.

its quite possible. and i sure hope so!!!!

Labour Day is bitter-sweet for me. My Ti-Cats face their rivals the argos, which will have a full stadium full, no matter how the season goes till that point from here on in, because we've beaten them twice..and its bitter because school starts the next day :thdn:

damn school.......:frowning:

The weather has been brutal recently with reports of people getting hit by lightning. When there is a severe weather warning, I believe many people don't think it's worth the risk.
Too bad though. They missed a great game. I would have loved to be there myself but it's quite a commute from NB.

Agreed - if we had a 21,000 seat stadium we could sell out every game just like Montreal. Then we could have bragging rights that we sell out every game. Raise the ticket prices and stop the giveaways.

Yeah, i'd say if we beat the Peg, then Labour Day will sell out. I think people are itching to get back, they're just looking for a reason.

Thank god last night's game wasn't a blackout.

I agree with the Captain,

If we win next week. It will be a sellout against the Blue team. What an atmosphere it will be!!!

I think sellout is in the works despite the 7:30 start. I've already got relatives calling looking for seats.

How many times in the last 4 years, has a game like this, been so anticipated. It`s nice for a change, to know, we can make some real progress. With 2 straight wins, be right in the playoff hunt.

Mosca 69 wasn’t Mosca number 68 or are you talking about something else.

Huh? There was no severe weather wearning last night.

The forecast called for 20% chance of rain and we got a light sprinkle but it was clear with some cloud (one big black one from Stelco) for most of the game.

Leave the Cloud Alone it wanted to see our Win.
It was Black Cloud for Argos.



Well put, Onknight!