More Sandro excuses

From Drew,

Nor would [DeAngelis] talk about the Ticats’ suspect line setup on the 17-yard field goal he missed in last year’s playoff against the Argos. Many insiders say that, instead of outmanning the Argos on the money side of the goalposts, they were outmanned and three men broke in, forcing a wide kick that hit the upright.

“That’s not for me to comment on,? he said. “I’m a big boy, I can handle any criticism that comes my way, but watch the film. Watch the film."


Well, if reporters keep needlessly hounding the guy about this, he certainly has the right to start defending himself. If there was indeed a massive breakdown in protection at the line, which caused the errant kick, it should be brought to light in my opinion.

The guy is no longer a Tiger-Cat so why can't the reporters just leave him be and comment on his current year instead (which very well could be spectacular)

.....just saying :roll:

In this case, it sounds like someone else was trying to provide him with an excuse and asked him about it. But his answer is pretty lame - again. Either agree or disagree, don't say you're not going to comment on it and then turn around and comment on it.

Anybody have a link to a video of the play in question? And maybe a few other similar plays for comparison? Now I'm curious.

Als fans are going to have an interesting season listening to him if he sticks around instead of Whyte. :lol:

Some people habe nothing else to do but to harp pn PAST things, GET OVET IT ALL READY! I wish Sandro nothing but the best! Except when he plays us of course! :lol:

Whyte can punt. That says it all right there.

I hear what your saying deerhunter,but,I’m not willing to buy into that.
If he saw that they were outmanned then he should have called a timeout or not had the ball snapped and taken a time count violation and then tried a 22 yard field goal instead.
It is his responsibility to kick the ball through the uprights and he failed in the biggest most important game of the season.
He is just making more excuses.
What is next,
The sun was in my eyes. or
The P.A. announcer Jamie Farr blasted so loud thru the loudspeakers when I kicked the ball it blew the ball of course and it hit the upright.
Our lack of a consistant field goal kicking game cost us some victories last year.
Some much more costly than others!
Hopefully Medlock is going to be money this year.
You are right Deerhunter, Sandro is NOT a Tiger-Cat any longer and his time here should be forgotten about immediately.
It was not a positive experience for him or us.

I agree with you on this, deerhunter. If that is the real reason, that would make it two ESF's in a row where the truth, behind the Cats' failure on the play that could have turned defeat to victory, was not forthcoming.

I was at the game.... without reviewing game film cuz I can't find any.... I certainly don't remember an extraordinarily strong rush on that play causing deAngelis to miss. What I DO remember is Sandro getting a relatively strong kick off and it was simply wide. If there was a blocking breakdown and pressure, I would imaging that the kick would have been either blocked or a more pronounced shank.

@ BYF.....yes, that's true, but it could also lead to a really messed up -hold- if the holder freaked out and panicked because of the pressure bearing down. A kick is a 3 man effort and all too often the kicker gets the immediate blame because the fans aren't privy to the detailed slow-motion coach's film. I tend to side with Sandro on this especially if he is advising people to get to the film somehow. Perhaps a reporter can get the coach to show it to him/her so this can get cleared up.

Bottom line, he isn't our kicker. Drop the vile hatred of past Cats when they leave. Frankly its embarrassing to be associated with the classless behavior

What are you talking about...
Someone in the media asked him a question and he gave a stupid answer. Why cant we talk about it? the guy sucked last year and came up with 101 reasons why he played bad, not many of them were his fault :roll:

I read the article. Some reporter put words in his mouth and this site ran wild with it. Let it go. What does it matter if he makes excuses or not anyway even if thats what you believe he's doing. The bashing is embarrassing to Hamilton not him

whos embarrassed?
If you don't like the topic feel free to jump to the next one...

And you feel free to talk about Tigercats on a Tigercat forum. The vile pettiness here is not helping our team, if anything its hurting them

He missed a 17 yard field goal.

He missed a 17 yard field goal in a playoff game.

If he, or the holder, or anyone else who needs their hands held when faced with a little adversity then its just aswell he's gone.

Overcoming adversity.

It's what seperates the clutch performers from the average.

Sorry, Sandro, Sandro apologists, things just aren't going to be perfect every time you line up. Winners find a way. Losers make excuses.

See I don't know why everyone is all caught up in this Sandro stuff, he is not a ti-cat let it go..

Besides we all can watch him fail in person when the Als come to play at Ivor Wynne.. Go ahead Sandro kick that field goal we all know how great you were at home last year.. :smiley:

Everything aside Sandro does not appear to be much of a team player?

I agree, winners win games and losers find away to lose them.


Yep. Don't care. He failed to acknowledge that he was not nearly as good as he was paid to be last year. It actually annoyed me then, but it's over now and we have 2 guys (maybe even 3) who can do all jobs which is what I wanted all along. I am never in favour of using 2 guys to do what should really be 1 job.

The hatred being spewn at this man is bizarre. Did he deliberately miss any field goal attempt last year? Prior to signing with the TiCats he was the most accurate kicker in the league. His career is probably over now, he's out of a job, yet people seem to be celebrating.