More RSN 08 cfl Train. camp clips then TSN

What is with that, I thought TSN had the sole rights, poor coverage or almost zero,no promotion for coming season. You wouldn`t know that they are the only CFL broadcaster.
This is not good and it looks bad on them.

           Give it back to CBC!

Imagine that...spidey's whinin' you ever have a positive comment to make?

What's the ratio? Maybe it will change when the regular season starts. I can see a number of clips when I visit They're right in my face, unlike

its true do you watch sportsnet and tsn on tv, its not whinin, you unlikeable ignorant green person,

See, that right there is an insult...and you'll kindly refrain from such from this point forward, since continuing, particularly after having a moderator bring it to your attention, would not be a good thing, would it? So if you want, I'll give you one chance to retract...and I'll ask the same question, to see if you can respond in a civil you ever say anything positive about the CFL, or do you just always find something about the CFL to whine about?

Not sure what Spidey is on about. I saw a two minute video clip on TSN's website the other day about a couple of the new additions for the Eskimos. And I also read an article by Matt Dunigan discussing the QB situation for each team. Article.

And that's just some of the coverage I've checked out. They also have a little blurb about each team if you click on the logos at the top of the CFL page.

BTW, if you go to the CBC's website, 7 of the 10 stories listed are about the NFL.

I have noticed they dont show much on training camps this year either wspidel not just TSN but the others as well. I dont consider it whinning either its your opinion.

Id also like to ad that I havent seen any commercials for the upcoming season and Ive seen lots for soccer on the CBC. Even more for Jeopardy and The Wheel of Fortune for the fall season.

Unlikeable ignorant green person? You are constantly whining about people that insult you, yet you turn around start with the insults when you are asked a legit question. I will leave you to sumrise what that makes you.

As for this particular mod, I always thought she was a likeable, open-minded redhead myself... :wink:

Just to stay on topic, there is a lot of local coverage of all teams and their training camps. Since the camps are less than a week old, give TSN some time and I'm sure they will cover all the teams. You can't expect a whole Sportscenter show dedicated the CFL. Maybe if they did reports on a team a day or 2 teams over 4 days.. that would be good, would it not?

WTF! First it was the CFL and now the HNIC theme and now they're bringing in Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I never would've thought reality was weirder than my strangest dream ever and yet there it is. What are they trying to dump as much Canadian content to attact more American viewes because whats the deal with this.

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Maybe since I have so much spare time on my hands..... I've seen some CFL Season ticket commercials, some training camp reports. Nothing really seems more or less than last year.

Before bashing TSN, lets see how the season goes.

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