More Roster Moves reports Fatafehi and Parker have been, you get an article written about you in the Spec and it becomes the kiss of death.

More changes to come I'm sure.

Parker's name shows on the Practice Roster.

Lancaster is starting to leave his mark on the team...scary happenings in Steeltown.

Fatafehi was cut.

Parker was just added to the practice roster from the active roster, that's just logistics I assume.

i agree with fatafehi release. should've happened weeks ago after his incident in the bar. also players have to be released to be placed on the practice roster, so if parker clears waivers he'll be put on practice roster

has Fatefehi done anything since he got here? i was expecting big things and i've seen nothing in the way of clogging the middle that Belli couldn't do. probably a good backup, but do we need to have another Import DT backup? might as well try to fill another NIP spot there.

Like these changes are going to mean anything. We're still going to the Peg with the same gang that provided our first home shut out in 55 years.

Friday wont be a fun night :frowning:

Start playing Morreale

Where is your faith guys they can't do any worse than last week at home, so lets just hope for the best and stand behind the team and root for them to win.

Go Cats Go!!!!

Bombers are a pretty good club, until you understand that Kevin Glen is not exactly the next Warren Moon/Damon Allen...if Reed can come up with a Scheme that beats the QB (ooh-woo!)the struggles will slow down to our poor levels...

Maas having a stand out game is imperative, and its a given that Jason will put it all out, but the OLine remains the wonky point...

Jason will have both Corey and Josh in place, allegedly all three will be at full blast, but thats a bit optimistic.

Hopefully, Corey will be returning kicks, which would certainly help a ton.

Wpg can and will "go to sleep" on bottom end teams like us, and might want to "rest" Stegall...if Brazell gets "Tay-zerised" early in the game, there remains a vestige of hope, if not for a win, then for some "pride" at coming back from adversity...

This week and next get critical, as if we can win a couple, the Argo's are on the bottom, and the picture is a whole lot different!

Don't count on it. Bomber players and fans are all riled up after the "I'd rather be 1-5 than live in Winnipeg" thing. Last week's embarrassment was more or less accidental; this week's will be on purpose.

Yes, and we can all thank the moron at the Hamilton Spec for that boneheaded move. Talk about adding fuel to Winnipeg's fire.

Doug Brown had an article in the Freepress about it and he took some shots at Hamilton (the city and Ivor Wynne).

Great moves:

-Maas in, Eakin out (enough said)

-Ranek in, Davis out (Davis looked good, but Ranek is healthy now, and you have to think he's due for a breakout game)

-Collier in for Cotton (why was Cotton even allowed to start three games while playing with one hand?)

-Kornegay in for Parker (Kornegay is a great athlete who should always start in the secondary when he's not knicked up)

-Cavil in for Yeast (the two are equally talented, but the former has no attitude. Plus, Cavil has been itching to get in a game, so he'll be hungry for the ball)

-Barrenchea out, Ian Fleming takes his spot on special teams (Auggie's play has really trailed off this year, while Fleming is dying to make an impression)

These roster moves give us the best chance to win with the players at our disposal.

augies out becuz of his eye.. not becuz hes bin trailing off,,

A little from Column "A", a little from Column "B"...