More renovations made to Rogers Centre**

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The TORONTO BLUE JAYS have continued renovations in ROGERS CENTRE, throughout the offseason, all aimed at enhancing the game-day experience of the Club's fans. The Club is proud to announce the following new features completed for the 2006 season and GENERAL MOTORS OPENING NIGHT presented by THE TORONTO STAR & THE FAN 590 (Tuesday, April 4 - 7:15 pm).
A new-look 100 LEVEL CONCOURSE - Several rows of seats were removed from the top of the lower bowl to allow for a concourse area that is wider and brighter than any time in the stadium's history.

The introduction of the CLUB 200 VIP section - Located on the 200 Level in the area directly up from home plate, this section will cater to an upscale clientele with amenities including concierge greeting, a gourmet restaurant with clear sightlines of the game, in-seat food service, a wine lounge and high-end bar.

The construction of the KIDS ZONE - This bright colourful play area is filled with a series of family-friendly baseball-themed activities including pitching and batting cages, the latest video games in the PlayStation Play Pods and a special "stadium" for toddlers four years of age and under. Designed by Toronto's ZEBRA STUDIOS, it also boasts concessions with menu choices tailored to kids.

A series of newly renovated & refurbished LUXURY SUITES - Efforts to update the stadium's luxury suites first began in 2005 and continued through this offseason. In all, more than 40 luxury suites have been renovated and refurbished in more recent months to include new furniture and the latest technology, while still boasting the same dedicated level of elite customer service. On the 400 Level, a series of suites were converted into one Super Suite capable of hosting large parties.

The installation of two new sets of IN THE ACTION seats - New banks of seats have been created at field level off first and third base.

The construction of a new ROGERS PLUS store location - Located at the site of the former Gate 8, this store features all the latest Rogers product offerings. Fifty-foot window appliqués of All-Stars VERNON WELLS, TROY GLAUS and ROY HALLADAY rise up the southern facing of the building from the store.

A completely SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT - ROGERS CENTRE will be entirely smoke-free in full compliance with the incoming Provincial legislation, the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Prior to the 2005 season, the Club installed a new FieldTurf playing surface and a new set of integrated video display boards from DakTronics.

i wonder what any of this means to the Argos?...

Godfery, the NFL lover, putting some strings? gees, knowing that this will benafit the Argos must be driving him nuts!

Yeah eh, nice conspiracy? too bad if you did your homework you'd realize that the skydome isn't a big enough stadium for the NFL.

Jays play 81 home dates at the Dome...Argos have 9 (10 including preseason). I think the benefit to the Argos is minimal.

However, sounds like the wine bar is in my season seat section. Maybe I can get a nice Chardonnay or Shiraz during the game now...:slight_smile:

Argos_Bills what are you talking about? yes everyone knows the old skydome isn't big enuff for an NFL team - welcome to 6 years ago - but if you had done your homework you yourself would know that just because he doesn't have an NFL sized stadium anymore doesn't stop Godfrey from constantly talking about how Toronto deserves an NFL team (as recently as this past super bowl) and how he still tries to discredit the CFL as a league every chance he gets. Or are you too busy following the NFL to realise this is still happening?

Personaly It feels as though they can not what for the Argos to move into their new stadium, whenever that will be

why isn't the Roger Centre not up to NFL 'suff? it seems like it is?

not that I would want the NFL yeah, oh no!

NFL needs a minimum number of seating in any venue they would put a new franchise in. Rogers Centre is just a shade over 50K and that is not enough anymore

well that is just incredable, the NFL sux!

they’re not building that stadium anymore. the argos dropped out of the deal when the bluejays bought the rogerscentre. the people left in the deal eventually dropped out too, as it wasn’t cost effective

I though Rogers bought the stadium. isn't being a pro team and owner of the stadium at the same team a little foren to Canadians?

Any idea what the minimum is?

My guess is 60k, in Madden, you can design a stadium with lower than that, if I remember correctly.

no you know Ro I don't, just that Rogers Centre isn't it anymore. Seem to remember that it might have been big enough in the mid90's but definately not now.

Actually, with a little reconstruction you could easily seat 60 000 in Skydome. Its football capacity now is 54 000. With proper remodeling and sloping of the lower bowl, especially in the endzones, 6000 seats would be easy to pull off. Demoliton of windows and part of the hotel would even make more. However, there is far more political and financial reasons for the NFL not expanding to Canada. The only possibility would be a team move but I'm sure there are many US cities that would have a much sweeter deal than one here in TO.

american football has a narrower field, so you can get some extra rows down there. all expansions would cost big $ though.

stadium capacity isn't as important in the NFL as the cfl. no matter what your attendance you make big bucks in tv revenue, that's where the money is.

and hopefully, that will keep the NFL where I want them, and away from CFL markets.

but the CFL should try to get some of the money it gets from the telly.

The NFL will come to TO when the NHL comes to Steeltown.

the nfl aint ever coming to canada, the nfl still has to worry about los angeles and other football markets in the south.

You should read today's web site annoucing regular season games in Europe, & "Canada".